Translation of tarpaper in Spanish:


cartón alquitranado, n.



  • 1

    cartón alquitranado masculine
    • The runways were lengthened and tarpaper shacks and other buildings were built in a matter of a few months.
    • He exhibits lithographs and paintings on tarpaper.
    • As a lad, I wandered onto a patch of land with a tarpaper shack occupied by, as I learned later, a hermit.
    • It is a tarpaper roof, applied by professionals over a flat wood surface.
    • Some 10,000 Lakota Sioux resided there during the 1970s, many living in tarpaper shacks without electricity or running water.
    • You're going to see all those people living in tarpaper shacks that cost $400,000 to $600,000 or more in mortgages out there in the hills around here, around Washington.
    • Inside the garage he inhaled the scent of motor oil and dust and tarpaper.
    • On the way we pass through Chinle again, past the Navajo single wides, sometimes repaired with bits of plywood, dirt yards, a junker or two out front, quite often a Hogan, made either of logs or plywood and tarpaper out front too.
    • Largely illiterate and dependent on seasonal farm work, most families have struggled to pay the $25 to $50 rent for the tarpaper shacks that they've been living in up until now.
    • Damage to the houses was repaired with the least expensive materials: tarpaper covered holes in walls and roofs and water-resistant metallic paint filled in thin roof areas.
    • Many agricultural workers continue to live the equivalent of an old-South sharecropper existence in tarpaper shacks, plywood shanties and wooden boxcars with no running water.
    • My people lived in tarpaper shacks with plywood siding and five-gallon drums for heat.
    • When installing drain tile, they observe that if stone is placed around the tile, a barrier of straw, tarpaper or geotextile is placed between it and the sand to prevent stone contaminating sand.
    • Within 30 minutes the mural had been covered by tarpaper and a wooden screen.
    • You're going to have $400,000, million-dollar-mortgage, plastic-covered tarpaper shacks - which is what I think they're going for now - where the people in them, no longer have the jobs.
    • The woman lived with her children in a 12-foot-square tarpaper shack.
    • They bought into plastic-coated, tarpaper shacks, with mortgage values assessed at between $500,000 and $1 million, or something of that sort.
    • At the time, their high school consisted of a series of leaky tarpaper shacks.
    • Except there's no sheetrock, only the black tarpaper they use to cover insulation and the beams and studs of the frame.
    • When I first came here, my Mom pictured me living in a tarpaper shack.