Translation of tartan in Spanish:


tela escocesa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɑːt(ə)n//ˈtɑrtn/


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    tela escocesa feminine
    tela de cuadros escoceses feminine
    tartán masculine
    (scarf/skirt) (before noun) escocés
    (skirt/scarf) (before noun) de tela escocesa
    • Clans, tartans, and Highlands, with the help of the Queen herself, had become utterly British and quite fashionable.
    • As tartans became fashionable, their colours were determined by the dyes from clan plants - broom and gorse, symbols of the Sinclairs, Sutherlands and Maclennans, provided yellows.
    • Symbols that evoke the past of the Highlands include the system of clan tartans and bagpipes.
    • The revival of the house of Burberry is having an impact too as checks and colourful tartans abound on trousers and skirts.
    • We had our tartans woven at a mill that makes only tartans.
    • Instead, tartans probably were regionally based with different patterns belonging to different areas of the country.
    • This involves designing and manufacturing tartans for firms including ScottishPower, IF and Barbour.
    • Her version of the plaid, a tartan also in silk, is hung over the shoulder and pinned in place with a brooch.
    • The company directors of Beartas designed a new tartan, woven in Harris Tweed and called the ‘Isle of Harris Tartan’.
    • If designing a new tartan will save the Scottish Socialist party from dying out completely, I'm willing to have a go.
    • The company designs and produces a huge range of tartans - one of which was recently modelled by Ewan McGregor.
    • In his own defence, he discloses that, though he is a Londoner to his pearly suit, he is nevertheless one-eighth Scottish on his mother's side, which doesn't even qualify him for a clan tartan.
    • He was wearing a tartan patterned lumberjack shirt and jeans.
    • Each of Scotland's clans has its own tartan, developed over the centuries.
    • Instead of the typical clan tartans, the Orkney ferry is decorated with posters of dragon-bowed great boats and warriors in horned helmets shoving flaming coffins out into the waves.
    • The hills were awash with frost and snow and yet nobody dared wear anything but the clan tartan.
    • The whole point of a tartan is to get many colours working together, weaving themselves into a beautiful pattern.
    • The band has worked hard raising funds for the tartan which cost around £1,000 to design and £300 to kit out each band member.
    • And yet they made those wonderful clothes for other people - tweeds, cords, mohairs, checks, tartans.
    • The dominant symbols of Scottish nationalism - the war-pipes, the military tartans, the Glengarry and so on - are a product of that.
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    tartán masculine
    the Cameron tartan el tartán del clan de los Cameron
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    falda escocesa feminine