Translation of tarty in Spanish:


con pinta de ordinaria, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtɑrdi//ˈtɑːti/



  • 1

    (woman) con pinta de ordinaria informal
    (clothes) de putilla informal
    (clothes) de fulana informal
    • All sported tarty scarlet wigs and pole-dancer wear.
    • The moral crusader commented that she ‘had seen all sorts of things’ in the seedy back streets of London, but she did manage to raise a smile while looking at tarty outfits in a shop window.
    • They've got actors and actresses who actually resemble horrible little orange faced tarty teens.
    • The boy's life changes forever when this tarty good-time girl replaces his mother in the family home.
    • A tarty girl with dyed blonde hair glanced over me.
    • The young girl pines for a father constantly away at sea, loathes her mother, who carries on an affair with her uncle, and both envies and resents her tarty elder sister.
    • It's a thin line between looking glamorous and looking tarty.
    • These days, it's mainly host to cheesy 70s and student nights - just drive past on any Saturday and you're bound to see packs of tarty girls fighting over taxis and being sick in the gutter.
    • But the event coincided with her brief foray into the world of the blonde, a change of hair colour which saw her daubed as tarty, attention-seeking and vacuous-looking.
    • Her outfit was a bit tarty but the clothes were good quality, you know?
    • Normally, you would notice the danger signs - the need for control, the short attention span, the tarty clothes, the insatiable insecurity, the hunger for excitement - and take appropriate action.
    • They lingered at the entrance to a bar and watched a tarty lady with a spiky black wig and false red nails attempt to entice a fat German tourist.
    • We really don't like to see very young girls sporting this look as it makes them look tarty.
    • I'll put something on and think, ‘Mmm, is this a bit tarty?’
    • The womenswear is super sexy bordering on tarty.
    • Dale has dark secrets and a tarty girlfriend, who works as a waitress at the diner.
    • After I had dismissed the skin inflaming make-up and the tatty plastic jewellery, all I was left with were surly-looking dolls wearing clompy shoes and tarty skirts that cost the earth.
    • Hear it and, at once, you can see her - blonde but not brassy, sexy but not tarty, dignified but funny, haughty but friendly.
    • Dresses are short and feature drawstrings at the bust, or tight and tarty leather with back splits and piping.
    • The scene, she admits, always feels a little different from the rest of the show, where she's tarty without being naked.
    • The court declares her not guilty unless she starts wearing those tarty low-rise pants again.
    • Landon instantly gives up all his bad habits - Julie, in turn, becomes mildly more tarty.
    • I had decided to wear a denim blue skirt that doesn't look too tarty but is above my knee.
    • The skirt opens out down to her ankles, miraculously transforming the tarty little frock into an elegant and sophisticated full-length evening gown.
    • Rebecca is best known for playing Karen in Paul Abbott's Shameless, the mouthy and tarty daughter of Frank's girlfriend, Sheila.
    • There are several designs, all of which are very pretty, very girlie and will get you more brownie points than the traditional tarty underwear.
    • Part of me was very nervous about playing someone who is that obviously sexual and slightly tarty but once I got on set, all of those worries disappeared because it was such a laugh.
    • They happen to be wrapped around his real amour, the tarty singer.
    • She may be called a ‘harlot,’ but she's really only mildly tarty.
    • I was a bit hurried due to time, but I looked neither tarty nor frumpy.
    • There's a shot of some tarty, drunk bird in the audience, mouthing off at the camera.
    • Top the short list but keep the girly feeling fresh, not tarty.
    • Well, I'm exaggerating, but there are lots of heels, extreme push-up bras, and tarty trimmings.