Translation of tassel in Spanish:


borla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtæsəl//ˈtas(ə)l/


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    borla feminine
    • On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, they will learn specialist Japanese braid, cord and tassel making, under Waldman's trained instruction.
    • Also, the rails carried black cords with black tassels hanging down, giving a sombre effect to the wooden coffin clamped to the trolley platform.
    • A fascinating mix of braids, tassels, chenilles and decorative trimmings in delicate silken yarn complements the entire package.
    • Painted dragons hold up these canvasses, just as the carved silvered and tinted flying dragons support the blue silk satin window draperies, fringed with gold tassels.
    • The New Testament records that observant Judeans wore decorations called tassels on their garments.
    • My gown had three velvet stripes on each flowing sleeve and my tassel was gold.
    • Avoid strangulation with window-blind cords by installing breakaway tassels.
    • The flag hung from a gold-painted dowel and was adorned with gold tassels.
    • Each panel is embroidered before assembling the skirt and decorative welting, cord and tassels are added for just the perfect finishing touch.
    • Their traditional loincloths are sometimes decorated with bright tassels and pompoms.
    • Accessorize with tassels, decorative tie-backs and other touches.
    • She rode her bike closer to him, clutching the white handles with the decorative purple and pink tassels hanging from it.
    • Wrap tassel drapery cords around the pillow and tie them to the chair.
    • So he got back in touch with Margaret who quickly rustled up two pairs, one with black and gold satin stripes, the other covered in sequins complete with gold tassels.
    • Or see your local retailer for advice on replacing the existing cords with safety tassels.
    • They had tassels of gold strung on their painted horns.
    • Some loincloths were painted and decorated with tassels, which symbolized falling rain.
    • It had curtains of velvety maroon, which were tied back with gold tassels.
    • He was garbed in a thick robe of blood red, trimmed with a golden thread and tassels.
    • She wore a bright red dress that fell to her knees in length, with black petticoats adorned with gold colored tassels.