Translation of taste in Spanish:


sabor, n.

Pronunciation /teɪst//teɪst/


  • 1

    • 1.1(flavor)

      sabor masculine
      gusto masculine
      a strong garlicky taste un fuerte sabor / gusto a ajo
      • it looks good, but it has no taste tiene buen aspecto, pero no sabe a nada
      • to leave a bad taste in the mouth dejarle a algn (un) mal sabor de boca
      • In food, it is used to provide a tangy taste by acidifying foods and drinks.
      • Whisky was associated with a fiery taste and a burning sensation as it went down the gullet.
      • How the brain perceives taste is a fascinating phenomenon, Barham added.
      • I ate smaller and smaller mouthfuls, not because I was losing my appetite, but to extend the sensation of remarkable tastes.
      • But the taste of that sauce lingered and I finished my water trying to get the taste out of my mouth.
      • The system is highly beneficial in the beer and soft drink industry where the taste of the product is highly influenced by the amount of bubbles within the container.
      • Jen washed down the aspirin with the water, trying to get the taste out of her mouth.
      • She tore off a piece of heavily buttered bread and popped it into her mouth, savoring the taste.
      • I was transfixed by the sumptuous food, all new tastes and textures, sprinkled with this magical green stuff that was fresh, pungent and pokey all at the same time.
      • And like all exotic food, the taste of snake apparently resembles that of chicken.
      • The taste overwhelmed my mouth as if I had eaten poisonous chemicals.
      • Water supplies in a South Lakeland town are leaving an earthy taste in people's mouths following an outbreak of algae.
      • It must be some puritan streak in me, but I find the detailed discussion of tastes and sensations nauseating and very distressing to read.
      • She sliced a custard pudding with a spoon, and popped it into her mouth, savoring the taste.
      • I love the sight, sound, taste, touch and smell of them.
      • The taste explodes in your mouth.
      • Three weeks later she complained of a metallic taste and a burning sensation in her mouth.
      • If the fumes were inhaled in sufficient quantities this could result in burning sensations in the back of the throat possibly characterised by a funny taste in the mouth.
      • I find using carbonated water very helpful to rinse the glass and remove the taste from the mouth as well.
      • Dennis also uses melons to infuse tequila, though he usually adds a bit of triple sec to the resulting drink to make the taste a bit smoother.

    • 1.2(sense)

      gusto masculine
      to be bitter/sweet to the taste tener un sabor / gusto amargo/dulce al paladar
      • It claims to heighten the senses of taste, smell and touch by offering a dining experience in total darkness.
      • Other senses like touch, hearing, taste, smell and sight are derived from self-consciousness.
      • It is through our senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch - that we perceive the world around us.
      • I have a sense of vision, taste, hearing and smell.
      • Likewise, the quality of each sense perception is embodied as a sense consciousness - sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.
      • Nevertheless, the senses of smell, taste, and touch have not been neglected.
      • Sensory evaluation is analysis of product attributes perceived by the human senses of smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing.
      • The disease usually does not affect the senses - taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing - or the mind.
      • A nonspiritual person only lives by their five senses, touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing.
      • Each plant within the garden has an element which enhances the five senses, i.e. taste, hear, smell, touch and sight.
      • Bad breath and a decreasing sense of taste and smell are common consequences.
      • For no spirit could feel things if it were defined under our interpretation of senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight are under no part of the term spirit.
      • We perceive our environment via our senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight.
      • So in addition to the usual five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, the mental function is counted as the sixth.
      • To fully appreciate the complexity of wine, the senses of sight, smell, taste and even touch must be employed.
      • You are no doubt familiar with the five senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.
      • He relies first on smell, then on taste; his sense of touch comes last.
      • Of the five senses - touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing - which one is most important to a naval aviator?
      • It does not affect touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing.
      • External stimuli are received through the senses - touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.

  • 2

    • 2.1(sample, small amount)

      can I have a taste of your ice cream? ¿me dejas probar tu helado?
      • would you like some dessert? — just a taste ¿quieres postre? — solo un poquito para probarlo

    • 2.2(experience)

      once you've had a taste of the good life ... una vez que sabes lo que es bueno / que has probado la buena vida ...
      • it'll give us a taste of what we can expect nos dará una idea / será un anticipo de lo que podemos esperar
      • it was their first taste of democracy era su primera experiencia de la democracia
      • a taste of one's own medicine
      • I'll give her a taste of her own medicine le voy a dar una sopa de su propio chocolate
      • he got a taste of his own medicine lo trataron como él trata a los demás (/ le dieron una sopa de su propio chocolate etc. )

  • 3

    gusto masculine
    we try to cater for every taste tratamos de satisfacer todos los gustos
    • our tastes are entirely different tenemos gustos totalmente distintos
    • it's too salty for my taste está demasiado salado para mi gusto
    • my taste is really more for sweet things la verdad es que prefiero las cosas dulces
    • a taste ( for sth)
    • if you have a taste for adventure ... si te gusta la aventura ...
    • vermouth is an acquired taste al vermú hay que aprender a apreciarlo
    • I developed a taste for vintage wines les tomé el gusto a los vinos de reserva
    • he has expensive tastes tiene gustos caros
    • to be to one's taste ser de su (/ mi etc. ) gusto
    • it's very much to my taste es muy de mi gusto
    • it's not to everyone's taste no le gusta a todo el mundo
    • it's a matter of taste es (una) cuestión de gustos
    • add salt/sugar to taste añadir sal/azúcar a voluntad / al gusto
    • there's no accounting for taste sobre gustos no hay nada escrito
    • The pancakes were a bit too sweet for her tastes.
    • This is a world where lives, character, tastes, moral capacity, sexual preferences, etc., are more often than not dictated by genetic makeup.
    • There's a lot of comedy in Mallboy, and Giarrusso is certainly not above getting laughs out of the sheer awfulness of his characters' tastes and habits.
    • Everyone should be able to find something which is to their taste on the menu, but it's not a menu where choices are made difficult by the appeal of the dishes.
    • Connie said the 11.6 fluid ounces of dark ale, bottled in 1977, is not much to her taste as she prefers a cold Fosters lager with a Bailey's Irish Cream chaser.
    • If you are tempted to try Benedictine after reading this but find it too sweet for your taste, mix it half-and-half with brandy.
    • The chef has made it more sour and sweet to meet the taste of Southern people and the dish is actually fairly bland.
    • We loved the idea and we might actually have loved the salad had it not been for the fish which, to our taste, was not soaked for long enough.
    • And they seemed to have similar tastes in food, music and movies as well.
    • At the beginning of Darwinia there are perhaps too many characters introduced for my taste, but we soon settle down and concentrate mainly on the fate of Guilford Law.
    • You can take either video version or either audio version and tailor your viewing experience to your own tastes.
    • Personal tastes and preferences that can take any form you two decide on.
    • Cook under a pre - heated grill for about 5 minutes on each side - or to your taste.
    • But after that, a reader's reaction to a book becomes more subjective: it is mainly a matter of the reader's personal tastes and preferences.
    • The easy answer is to grab a frozen pizza, which is just the thing, so long as polystyrene frisbees splattered in cheap tomato paste are to your taste.
    • The sauce with my duck was a little sweet for my taste, but I should have known that from the description of the dish as caramelised, so that is no criticism.
    • Some say this might weaken the brand power of Reeb, but Huang believes the new Reeb with four flavours may cater to the tastes of more Shanghai people.
    • If, like me, you have found that movie just too lurid and sadistic for your taste, Sweet Charlotte will probably be more to your liking.
    • The pudding was dark and rich, just to his taste.
    • Moreover, the Bullet, like the Harley Davidson, offers a lot of opportunities for the owner to customise it according to his personal tastes and preferences.
    • I tried vanilla coke when it came out, and it was very tasty, but given my addiction to plain diet coke… it was a bit too sweet for my tastes.
    • Suppose further that moderate people adjust their tastes and preferences so that they have a reasonable chance of being satisfied with their share of social goods.
    • There is always homemade chocolate cake, which is rich and moist, albeit a little sweet for my taste.
    • Paan is a small packet made of a special leaf, wrapped around various ingredients - according to your taste - and chewed.
    • My brother and I share the same taste in food, drink and humour but when it comes to cars we disagree.
    • The ending's a little too sweet for my taste, there are oddities (filmed in summer, supposed to be Christmas) and the plot's conventional.
    • Place on very hot griddle or frying pan and cook each side to your taste - rare, medium, well done.
    • He conveys these moral tastes to the reader less by means of argument than by ironic indirection or aesthetic intimation.
    • It's yummy and satisfying, but a little too sweet for my tastes.
    • It was light and crunchy, if a little sweet for my taste, and a good way to finish.
    • And this is a weird nostalgic experience through my musical tastes since about 1988, when I first bought a CD player.
    • They are perfectly entitled to their tastes and certainly their experiences.
    • Swapping one vegetarian sausage for one of mine, I can't say it was entirely to my taste.
    • It starts with dried whole peas and of course uses wasabi powder or paste, the amount of which can be adjusted to your taste.
    • Place the birds on a warm plate and bubble up the juice in the pan to reduce it, then season it to your taste.
    • Obviously, it depends on having a decent-sized sample of your musical tastes before it can make sensible recommendations.
    • She is a fair, sweet girl with simple tastes and needs.
    • Everyone is assumed to have a set of personal tastes and preferences.
    • The busy silence that occurred before the conductor returned to the stage - like the opening moments of Sgt Pepper's - was more to my taste.
    • The sharing aspect of it let you find others who had similar tastes and sample their collections, letting you find something new.
  • 4

    gusto masculine
    a person of taste una persona de buen gusto / con gusto
    • she has excellent taste in clothes se viste con muy buen gusto
    • a remark in extremely bad/poor taste un comentario de pésimo/mal gusto
    • it was extremely bad taste to criticize him in front of her fue de pésimo gusto criticarlo delante de ella
    • Norwegians endeared themselves to me early with their amazingly eclectic taste in popular culture.
    • In many cases, the owners have employed a great deal of skill and taste in maintaining their home.
    • That hardly any believers approach aesthetic taste in this way is in no small part the reason we are flailing about today in a culture of ugliness and death.
    • As for aesthetics, the Library Board is known for its bad taste in architecture.
    • Londonist is a major fan of Elbow so hopes their lead singer's taste in music matches their ability to write and sing brilliant songs.
    • One would think that Vogue would embody the highest standards of aesthetic taste, no?
    • For those of you with the good taste, and common sense, to invest your time more productively, the premise is simple.
    • The analysis appreciates Densher's exercise of good taste in his ability to feel Milly's pain and ultimately to repudiate her fortune.
    • You should never apologise for your taste in music, literature, etc - no matter how dodgy!
    • Are standards of taste in music, art, or entertainment being raised, maintained or debased?
    • Assuming you're more interested in serious thinking than his taste in hair styles and rock music, the proposals are not to be missed.
    • You could even argue that Europeans demonstrate better taste in American culture than Americans do.
    • In other words, the bosses all had exquisite taste in literature but none of them knew how to read a set of accounts.
    • Even their clothing style and taste in music is simpatico - they're both Goths.
    • I suspect the band may have low standards for songwriting due to bad taste in music.
    • I think if more people should pay attention to me and what I like because I obviously have refined taste in everything.
    • I guess I could tell him he had good taste in literature.
    • He had exquisite taste in literature, but curiously enough these wonderful books didn't sell, and he was also short of capital.
    • Their taste in literature he regarded as despicable.
    • We have much more refined taste in entertainment, like baiting the guy who's so drunk he's hitting on the beer vendor two rows over.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (test flavor of)
    (food/wine) probar
    taste this prueba esto
  • 2

    (test quality of)
    (food) degustar
    (wine) catar
    (tea) probar
  • 3

    (perceive flavor)
    I can't taste the sherry in the soup la sopa no me sabe a jerez
  • 4

    he hadn't tasted food for six days llevaba seis días sin probar bocado / sin comer nada
  • 5

    (freedom/happiness) conocer
    (freedom/happiness) disfrutar de

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (have flavor)
    it tastes bitter sabe amargo
    • this tastes delicious esto está delicioso / riquísimo
    • it tastes fine to me para mi gusto está bien
    • freedom/success tastes good la libertad/el éxito deja buen sabor de boca
    • to taste of sth saber a algo
    • it tastes of garlic tiene sabor / gusto a ajo
  • 2

    (distinguish flavors)
    I can't taste because I have a cold la comida no me sabe a nada porque estoy resfriado