Translation of tattler in Spanish:


chismoso, n.


Pronunciation /ˈtatlə//ˈtætlər//ˈtædlər/


  • 1

    chismoso masculine
    chismosa feminine
    cotilla masculine Spain informal
    • It leads to the Daley Bicentennial Plaza, named for the mayor's tattler, the legendary Richard J. Daley, the city's mayor and political boss for 21 years ending in 1976.
    • Companies don't expect their HR departments to be ‘tattlers’ (the decent ones don't).
    • Wired has an entertaining celebrity tattler piece on how Hollywood's big names behave when they're in the Apple store.
    • And at least one tattler has described listening in to the tape itself.
    • Still, a waitress in a diner, who has a daughter who dates the television tattler, and a grandbaby that's in desperate need of a diaper change, may have something to do with it.
    • He felt that they were just jealous and, anyway, he doesn't like tattlers so he decided to arrive early.
    • ‘Jessie,’ I say, annoyed, ‘I don't like tattlers.’
    • All these tattlers would do better to consider less subjective reasons for the Scotsman's sales problems.
  • 2US

    soplón masculine informal
    soplona feminine informal
    acusete masculine informal
    acusica feminine Spain informal
    rajón masculine Mexico informal
    rajona feminine Mexico informal
    alcahuete masculine Southern Cone informal
    alcahueta feminine Southern Cone informal