Translation of tax disc in Spanish:

tax disc


Motor Vehicles

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    adhesivo que indica que se ha pagado el impuesto de circulación
    • Charges of using a fraudulent tax disc, fraudulent registration mark, no test certificate and no insurance on the same date were also included.
    • After discovering he had been clamped for not displaying a tax disc, the motorist snatched a spade from his van, smashed its windscreen and rear windows and slashed the tyres.
    • Basically, I bought a stolen tax disc and a stolen MoT certificate, put them in my vehicle, got stopped by the police and then produced them.
    • The front number plate and the tax disc both contained the correct number.
    • And if you were caught without having a current tax disc decorating your windscreen, the Borough Council web site will enable you to make atonement for your sin to the tune of E60.