Translation of tax evasion in Spanish:

tax evasion

evasión fiscal, n.


  • 1

    evasión fiscal feminine
    evasión de impuestos feminine
    (large scale) fraude fiscal masculine
    • Charges including bribery and tax evasion are among the ten counts of the ethics code he is accused of violating.
    • The old corrupt systems of governance and tax evasion in this country and many others are rapidly crumbling.
    • What of the culture of tax evasion that was so widespread through the 1980s and much of the 1990s?
    • It should be noted at this point that tax avoidance is legally sound, but morally open to question while tax evasion is simply illegal.
    • On the contrary, in India, corruption, tax evasion, cheating and bribery have eaten into our vitals.
    • The company's main shareholder and ex-chief funded opposition groups and is now on trial for fraud and tax evasion.
    • That means tax evasion, money laundering, and hiding money for terrorism will be easier.
    • Investment banks estimate the country's rampant tax evasion totals in the billions of dollars per year.
    • One of the reasons for the restructuring is to curtail tax evasion by high earners.
    • By all means crack down on illegal tax evasion and money laundering.
    • This they did in April, nailing the congressman on 10 counts of bribery, tax evasion and racketeering.
    • The prosecutor general's office said the raid was part of an investigation into tax evasion and fraud.
    • In recent days he has suggested that there should be mandatory prison sentences for those involved in tax evasion.
    • The secret scheme was designed with tax evasion in mind and its clients were drawn from the élite of Irish society.
    • I never looked on it as tax evasion, but as increasing someone's investment.
    • Accusations of tax evasion caused the resignation of a senior central bank official last month.
    • Initiatives against tax evasion will be launched to help pay for these new government programs.
    • He also reformed the crippled banking sector and raised more revenue by cracking down on tax evasion.
    • Anyone suspected of tax evasion will not have information on them disclosed by the Swiss authorities.
    • In the hearings, the lawmakers raised questions mainly about Chang's alleged tax evasion.