Translation of tax haven in Spanish:

tax haven

paraíso fiscal, n.


  • 1

    paraíso fiscal masculine
    • Pick your tax haven - be it Jersey, the Isle of Man or one of the even more exotic locations whose regimes are attractive to the tax-averse.
    • The tiny principality of Liechtenstein has managed to transform itself from a poor farming country into a wealthy tax haven.
    • As Bank of Ireland's operations in the Jersey tax haven come under close scrutiny by the Revenue Commissioners, exposure of its business practices should be a source of deep embarrassment to management.
    • On one hand, it needs to reassure the world that Ireland is squeaky clean, a million miles removed from being a tax haven.
    • We may be the most self-indulgent country in the world that isn't a tax haven, but you get some really cool stuff thanks to our insanity.
    • Stafford originated the idea of a financial tax haven for Dublin, though it was later regarded as the brainchild of Dermot Desmond.
    • Associating the stolid backbencher with a tax haven based in an exotic Caribbean location requires quite a feat of imagination.
    • In his global pursuit of tax advantage, he set up ADT in Bermuda and became a naturalized citizen of Belize, even serving for a time as the tax haven's ambassador to the U.N.
    • That made Zhuhai a tax haven for foreign investors and opened it to free market experimentation.
    • In recent weeks, The Sunday Business Post has confirmed that Lawlor visited the tax haven when Ireland played soccer internationals there in 1995 and 1996.
    • Many of these international investors never set foot in the tax haven of their choice.
    • In a ‘corporate inversion,’ a U.S. company creates a new parent corporation based in a tax haven like Bermuda.
    • A two-year-old outfit with a phone number in the Isle of Man - a U.K. tax haven that functions like Bermuda or Panama - Dafin has an office in Johannesburg.
    • His alleged ruse was to list the tax haven of Monaco as his primary residence instead of Germany.
    • Montserrat also tries to exploit its role as a tax haven by offering light or no taxes on certain international business operations and on agricultural income.
    • During a seven day visit to the tax haven, Collery generated a number of documents based on information which he had accumulated in Ireland and which he brought to the Caymans.
    • Bermuda has been a favourite tax haven for many years, but the burgeoning population has drained the islands' resources.
    • Moving to a tax haven like New Hampshire, Texas, or Florida is one possibility.
    • Basically, a company must operate part of its business there, and that means more than plunking down a server in a tax haven.
    • However, it underlines that the ‘no or nominal tax criterion’ is not sufficient, by itself, to result in characterisation as a tax haven.