Translation of tax shelter in Spanish:

tax shelter

refugio fiscal, n.


  • 1

    refugio fiscal masculine
    • To ensure a good return on a tax-break investment, investors should deduct the value of the tax shelter from the purchase price and compare it to the price of similar properties in the area.
    • Schiff's psychiatrist also told the court that Schiff has been paranoid for years as a result of his having lost heavily in a tax shelter that turned out to be a Ponzi scheme.
    • Brennan discussed the types of property which could be used as a tax shelter.
    • But his autobiography does not mention the tax shelter advantages of his museum and foundation, which were hardly negligible.
    • ‘One of the reasons I started my company is for the tax shelter,’ says Bastien, who predicts his consulting business could make $30,000 this year.
    • Their most likely primary use, however, will be as a generous tax shelter for the upper-income set.
    • Other than business ownership, a home is probably the only tax shelter available to average Americans.
    • About 20 million of them were sold during their 12-year lifetime and they can continue to act as a tax shelter for your investments.
    • Other sources of revenue include a tax on stock and bond transactions, closing corporate tax shelter loopholes, projected budget surpluses, and household out-of pocket costs.
    • Second, there is no tax shelter as capital gains are taxed regularly, albeit at the beneficiary's rate, which is typically lower than that of the contributor.
    • Other tax shelter schemes are also widely used.
    • Buyers who want to use their second house as a holiday home, as opposed to a tax shelter, should opt for Section 48 properties.
    • This represents an enormous tax shelter for those with excess income but will do little for the average American.
    • Used aircraft owners can only deduct 20% of the purchase price in the first year, so if you're looking for a tax shelter, a new aircraft is definitely the way to go.
    • The new regime for Isa products from April 5 effectively removes the tax shelter on dividend income for basic rate taxpayers leaving them no better off than if they had invested directly.
    • The maximum limit per child is modest and therefore not designed as a tax shelter for the rich
    • If the understatement is related to a tax shelter, you must be able to prove you believed it was more likely than not that you would win against the IRS.
    • This provision establishes a new, health-insurance related tax shelter - so-called medical savings accounts.
    • To crack down on abuse, the House and Senate are pushing for tax shelter legislation.
    • The various tax shelter proposals allow a family of four to remove $60,000 each year from taxation over the entire lifetime of the owners; that is, once sheltered, no taxes will ever be paid on these funds.