Translation of taximeter in Spanish:


taxímetro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtæksiˌmidər//ˈtaksɪmiːtə/



  • 1

    taxímetro masculine
    • For all journeys outside the taximeter areas, fares may be negotiated between driver and customer.
    • In the case of this defence of the Christian conviction I confess that I would as soon begin the argument with one thing as another; I would begin it with a turnip or a taximeter cab.
    • It is expected that all taximeters will be converted to the euro by February 9.
    • I don't know how the driver managed to make the taximeter read 600 yuan because we learned in the hotel that the fare should have been between 120 and 130 yuan.
    • The new regulations will come into effect on July 1 from which date a taximeter must be installed in each vehicle.
    • He highlighted that taximeters will not be changing over to the Euro until midday on January 1.
    • Electric trams, taximeter cabs and motorised buses plied the streets of the capital looking for trade.
    • Sri Lankan score is running like an Indian taximeter.
    • From Monday, January 28, Laois County Council set maximum fare structure for taxis licensed to operate in the taximeter area of Portlaoise.
    • The Co. Council has decided to send a submission to the Commission for Taxi Regulation seeking to have the administrative areas of Tramore and Lismore town councils designated as taximeter areas.
    • With this in mind he wants: swivel front passenger seats in all cars, a minimum car size, a minimum engine size, talking taximeters and older cars off the road.