Translation of tea in Spanish:


té, n.

Pronunciation /tiː//ti/


  • 1

    • 1.1(drink)

      a cup of tea una taza de té
      • a pot of tea una tetera de té
      • tea with milk té con leche
      • The doodle shows an almost cartoonish figure of a man being scalded in a teacup by the boiling tea.
      • Sales of beverages such as water, juice, tea, and sports drinks are growing as much as eight times faster than U.S. soda sales.
      • Aside from water, tea is the most common beverage consumed worldwide.
      • Water is an important factor in good tea-making and there used to be three famous springs producing good water for tea.
      • Things have changed from drinking plain tea to water to special solutions but one must know the guidelines.
      • Take small sips of water, weak tea, clear soft drinks, noncaffeinated sports drinks or broth.
      • She went over to her mother, who was boiling water for the tea.
      • In fact there was a pot of tea and hot water which provided three cups.
      • Gaunt mothers and children sat near their tents, sometimes boiling water for tea, a ritual of normalcy that they still maintained.
      • He was making popcorn on the stove and boiling water for tea.
      • By boiling water to make tea, the bacteria in polluted water were neutralised.
      • The result is a drink that tastes more like cabbage water than tea.
      • I make myself a cup of tea and boil some water in a pan to make pasta as I listen to them.
      • I retreated into the kitchen and boiled some water for tea.
      • In Gujarat, local hospitality demands that guests are offered water and tea almost as soon as they arrive.
      • Please make yourself comfortable, have some water or tea.
      • She cut out sugar, white flour and processed foods and drank only water and tea.
      • With their daily meals, Kazakhs drink fruit juices, milk, soft drinks, beer, water, and tea.
      • Now I'm washing out of a bucket of water, slurping my tea and arguing with rickshaw drivers.
      • Manganese miners consumed significantly more water and tea, because of the existence of the hot climate in their workplace.

    • 1.2British (cup of tea)

      two teas, please dos tés, por favor

    • 1.3(leaves)

      China/Indian tea té chino/indio
      • It is complicated for them to get important goods like tea, flour, or tobacco.
      • At one end of the market, a few stands sold a variety of local spices, sauces, tea and jams.
      • The lockable drawer usually contained three tinned compartments with tightly fitting lids in which to store tea and sugar.
      • Among plantations in India, tea is a major foreign exchange earner.
      • A search of the cupboards reveals tea, sugar, and a mug.
      • He recalled how five years ago he had to get samples of South Indian tea from London.
      • The Empire was created to provide access to cheap tea and sugar in the days before Tesco.
      • That time Mary McCormack in her little thatched shop kept flour, tea, sugar, salt, lamp oil, and perhaps some liquorice sweets.
      • Canned meats and fish, as well as flour, tea, and sugar, have become important food items as well.
      • In the second half of the nineteenth century, camphor and tea became major exports.
      • This was the country known to travellers for centuries for its beauty, its exotic culture, its tea and exotic spices.
      • Fungi can grow on tea with poor packaging and storing.
      • Restaurant operators can increase tea sales by offering more choices and upsell with specialty teas containing herbs, fruit peels and flowers.
      • In general, black teas and oolong teas should steep for 3 to 5 minutes.
      • From 1680 onwards the European demand for tea grew, and imports began to steadily increase.
      • In Europe such goods as chocolate, honey, sugar, bananas, tea, and orange juice are also getting certified.
      • The Aborigines attacked the settlers because they wanted goods such as sugar, flour, blankets, tea and tobacco.
      • However, there were no longer any sales of tea, whiskey, pepper, frying pans or thread.
      • Washed by gentle waves of the Indian Ocean, it is well known for its tea, rubber, spices and, of course, coconuts.
      • Over the last year the price of sugar, wheat flour and tea has trebled and the cost of other basic household consumer goods has risen by 30 percent.

    • 1.4(plant)

      (plantation/grower) (before noun) de té
      • This SEWA farm, like many in Gujarat, grows mangoes, tea, spices and other cash crops.
      • The subtropical conditions of the Tweed Valley are perfect for tea growing.
      • Outsourcing had worked very well in Zimbabwe and Malawi and it would spread the economy of tea growing to other parts of the region, Crawford said.
      • The most important part of a hybrid tea plant is the bud union (graft knob), from where all new canes originate, and it requires the most protection.
      • Luku began to grow tea in the 1960s because it had a higher economic value than other crops, such as rice and fruits.
      • The major crops are rice, jute, wheat, tea, sugarcane, and vegetables.
      • The filmmaker also found unusual trees: a tea plant, a ban oak, copper beeches, a maidenhair tree in Killarney, and a Kentucky coffee bean tree in Greenside.
      • She rose early to watch the farm workers begin their days planting and harvesting maize, tea and other cash crops.
      • The Camellia sinensis tea plant is native to China and commercially produced in tropical and subtropical regions, primarily China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka (Ceylon).
      • We may have been drinking it for the last 350 years but Camellia sinensis, to call the tea plant by its proper name, became a staple in Asia long before.
      • Unlike tea grown in the Nilgiris and further South, Darjeeling has a very limited harvest period.
      • On the lower slopes tea is grown; and on the well-rivered plains there are rubber-trees, coconut palms, and paddy fields.
      • Fortune had been charged with the task of learning the art of tea growing and then obtaining samples of the shrubs.
      • For thicker roots, such as those of maize, sorghum or tea, this procedure could be used for visualizing the exodermis in a longitudinal view.
      • The tea plant, Camellia sinensis, comes in many forms - black, green, oolong.
      • Since the West will never be able to grow tea, coffee and bananas, the South will have its markets for these unique tropical products.
      • The colony failed in less than two years because the mulberry trees and tea seedlings perished in the dry California soil.
      • We could make settlements safer by changing cropping patterns but it's impractical to ask farmers to uproot their sugarcane and tea bushes.
      • A ‘flush’ is the term used to describe when the tea plant produces a new growth leaves - the first of the year comes in March.
      • The researchers credit L-theanine, an ingredient found in black, green, oolong and pekoe teas - but not in herbal teas, which usually don't contain Camellia sinensis, the one true tea plant.

  • 2

    • 2.1(in the afternoon)

      merienda feminine
      onces feminine Andes
      to have tea cenar
      • The English are known for their custom of afternoon tea, accompanied by cakes and sandwiches.
      • You can get lighter meals and snacks, as well as afternoon tea, in either the lounge or bar.
      • From the Temple we travelled for lunch and afternoon tea at Kenwood House.
      • All ocean cruises are full board and include breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and midnight snacks.
      • It was a successful afternoon enjoyed by everyone, which was followed by afternoon tea, consisting of sandwiches and cakes supplied by the choir.
      • Ladies don't sweat or perspire, even after an exhausting day of brunch, tennis, afternoon tea, supper and bridge.
      • Small wonder that this is the place in Madrid for afternoon tea and society weddings.
      • The two princesses had to have a cooked tea because they were in bed by dinner time, but they also had afternoon tea, with sandwiches, scones and a large cake.
      • Afternoon tea and light refreshments will be served for those who wish to relax and chat with friends.
      • Try the afternoon tea - any cakes you can't eat will be boxed up for you to take home.
      • Lunch and afternoon tea will be available at the Memorial Hall.
      • Allow to cool completely if serving cold for tea, or until barely warm if serving as pudding.
      • We dined in the residency with three square meals and afternoon tea.
      • That means you should be eating breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.
      • Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are all taken here, while there is also a secluded dining area at the rear for more formal meals and private parties.
      • It will however make a tasty dessert with yoghurt, but it meant I had to drop in at DJ's to get a proper cake for afternoon tea.
      • Morning coffee and afternoon tea with home-made cakes and biscuits can be enjoyed in the beautiful gardens or under cover of the Loggia.
      • I let him watch Hi - 5 while he eats afternoon tea (rice cakes with cheese spread and sultanas).
      • That is always assuming that they can fit it all in after having been served up a full buffet breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and home-made cakes and canapés.
      • Elevenses, packed lunch and afternoon tea will be provided, as well as a supper of organic trout.

    • 2.2British (evening)

      cena feminine
      comida feminine Latin America
      to have tea cenar
      • So: get in at nine thirty, play with dog, print out day's work, cook tea, shower, bed, ready for more of the same tomorrow.
      • Right, time to splish-splash my way home, shop, do college homework, cook tea and have a bath.
      • The cost is €120 per person sharing, which includes six nights bed and breakfast, lunch and evening tea.
      • I sighed and went to the kitchen, to cook tea with the food that she had promised to buy on her way back from the midwife's.
      • Anyhoo, I spent an action-packed Monday in Brighton asleep on Lisa's bed, before meeting her from work and allowing her to cook my tea.
      • Coach departs East Square at 9.30 a.m., fare €35 including lunch and evening tea.
      • Susan is on the phone to Libby and cooking tea, and is so caught up in this that she forgets to notice a bottle of cooking oil being tipped onto the lit gas burner.
      • I think I'll start cooking tea; it's something to do.
      • On the plus side was the strong possibility that at least one of them would manage to cook his tea by the time he got home and the long odds are against all of them having headaches simultaneously.
      • Today we're apparently cooking tea for four people in the microwave, simultaneously.
      • His mum was cooking his tea, and she'd kill him if he was late.
      • I might start painting, go away to cook tea and come back later and think - ‘that could do with black there,’ he said.
      • Bro has promised to come home tomorrow and cook tea and bizarrely he has promised to bake a cake.
      • While tea was cooking, we were on the computer armed with a nice cold, strong vodka and coke each.
      • I cooked tea for myself a few days ago and managed to eat a very undercooked steak and kidney pudding (it's a long story), and have been feeling a bit rough ever since.
      • Her mother told her she had to go back and cook her husband's tea.
      • The people were British in their manner, tea was had frequently and the evening meal was called tea, not dinner.
      • If you get bored thinking about eating or of what you should cook for tea, take a look at the ‘Did you know’ section.
      • After supplies it was back home where I washed up without being asked (I'm a saint!), then Rosie cooked curry for tea.
      • I don't have time to write the individual reviews though; I've gotta go do my farmwork before I cook everyone's tea.

  • 3herb tea

    infusión (de hierbas) feminine
    tisana feminine
    (with masculine article in the singular) agua feminine Central America Andes
    té de yuyos masculine Peru River Plate
  • 4US slang, dated

    hierba feminine slang
    maría feminine slang