Translation of tea ceremony in Spanish:

tea ceremony

ceremonia del té, n.


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    ceremonia del té feminine
    • The tea ceremony, which involved elaborate methods of preparation and appreciation, continued to evolve, with the rich and learned spending time on this when the country's political and economic conditions allowed.
    • And there are obviously easier and quicker ways of making a cup of tea than performing sado, the Japanese tea ceremony, with all its ritual and hours of quiet kneeling.
    • Tea, which was first imported from China around ad 800, only became a widespread beverage in the 15th century, partly through the Japanese court's adoption of the Buddhist tea ceremony.
    • However, it is about as far from the memoirs of any geisha as the instant coffee will be from the beautiful ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony.
    • The graceful dance forms of India, the Japanese tea ceremony or the Chinese theatre, all have enormous cultural significance that are part and parcel of the region's tradition.