Translation of teacake in Spanish:


bollo con fruta seca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtiːkeɪk//ˈtiˌkeɪk/



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    bollo con fruta seca masculine
    • A toasted teacake, scone or flapjack was an option.
    • Or maybe a nice slice of Battenberg or a toasted teacake - anything that might allow me to occasionally get my feet under my own table.
    • The teacakes are wrapped individually in foil.
    • For the sake of this review, we shared a toasted teacake and a fruit scone with butter and jam.
    • Cups of coffee start at £1.25, teacakes are £1.20, scones £1.50 and banana or strawberry ice cream milkshakes are £1.65.
    • But there's enough coffee and teacakes to keep any man focused.
    • Scones, teacakes, date and walnut or spiced fruit loaf are priced at £1.25 or less.
    • Cake forks and serviettes were provided, thankfully not placed under the buttered teacake!
    • Ann was provided with both a butter packet and a sachet of Flora for her teacake.
    • The menu mentioned toasted teacakes, scones, doughnuts, Danish pastries and flapjack.
    • In fact, it is a genuine snack spot with scones, teacakes, cakes and biscuits being the staple fare.
    • As if all this were not enough, she also plies participants with a delicious feast of teacakes, sandwiches, scones and cakes created from period recipes.
    • Although attractively and efficiently served both the teacake and croissants came on top of serviettes.
    • However tea/coffee and a scone or toasted teacake should cost under £2.50.
    • It was still early in the day so Ann opted for a toasted teacake and hot chocolate.
    • Ann was delighted with a freshly-toasted teacake while I enjoyed a toasted cinnamon muffin.
    • The three-packs of snowballs and caramel teacakes are being sold through petrol station forecourts and other outlets.
    • At a recent talk we gave, Ann was accused of eating nothing but scones and toasted teacakes.
    • Scones with jam and cream cost £1.70 as did a special of a toasted teacake with a cup of tea or coffee.
    • Furniture endorsements, chocolate teacakes, bowls aficionado… life rarely gets more fulfilling than that.