Translation of teach in Spanish:


dar clases de, v.

Pronunciation /titʃ//tiːtʃ/

transitive verbtaught

  • 1

    (subject) dar clases de
    (subject) enseñar
    he teaches handicapped children da clase(s) a / es profesor de niños minusválidos
    • I teach a class of 40 tengo una clase de 40 (alumnos)
    • the course is taught by Dr Green el curso lo imparte el profesor Green
    • to teach school dar clase(s) en un colegio
    • to teach sth to sb enseñar algo a algn
    • I teach French to businessmen doy clase(s) de francés / enseño francés a hombres de negocios
    • he taught himself Greek aprendió griego él solo / por su cuenta
    • to teach sb to + inf enseñarle a algn a + inf
    • she taught him to read/swim le enseñó a leer/nadar
    • they taught us to believe in God nos enseñaron a creer en Dios
    • will you teach me how to do that trick? ¿me enseñas (a hacer) ese truco?
    • teach them who's boss demuéstrales quién manda
    • European Studies is taught as a subject in the school and many students have entered EU organised competitions with great success.
    • I teach two AP subjects and have a lot of trouble fitting in all that I would like for the course.
    • How the information and skills are taught are considered to be equally as important as the award itself.
    • However, camp teaches the very skills that will allow camps to respond to these opportunities.
    • Interventions can provide the information and teach the skills necessary to implement those strategies.
    • I really thank Ben for helping out and getting Ivan to polish up his guitar skills, teaching Charissa her first few chords.
    • Teachers have argued passionately for the opportunity to teach the subject they love, instead of trawling laboriously through past papers.
    • But once the notions take hold that parenting is a job and that the required skills can be taught, we may end up with the idea that the aim is to produce a certain type of product.
    • It's not just an education system about teaching literacy and numeracy.
    • Unsurprisingly it has been found that subjects which are taught in a more innovative and interesting way get better results and better behaviour in those lessons.
    • I have just posted up here some of the ‘Middle Eastern Studies’ that you will NOT hear about in most universities that claim to teach such a subject.
    • The subjects must be taught in depth at the school level.
    • When Kate Brookes wants to ask a colleague's advice on how to teach her subject it is not just a case of popping into the staff room.
    • They had become self-taught sailors on the lake, teaching themselves the necessary skills and knots.
    • While the children need to be supervised, Principal McGovern argues that it is an excellent way to teach a specialised subject area.
    • The only orderly class I meet in this school is expecting me to teach the subject I know nothing about.
    • Workshops, run once a week to teach the homeless new skills, have been running for a year and this is the first public display of the resulting work.
    • Then again, consider the vested interest of all those who teach the subject of English literature.
    • Mountain safety boils down mainly to common sense; you can teach yourself the necessary skills, and there are many excellent books on the subject.
    • This guide contains all the skills and requirements as well as the background and reference information needed to teach the skills.
  • 2

    (cause to learn)
    to teach sb to + inf enseñar a algn a + inf
    • this will teach you to appreciate what you've got esto te enseñará / así aprenderás a valorar lo que tienes
    • I'll teach you to tell lies! ¡para que aprendas a no mentir!
    • that'll teach her eso le servirá de lección / de escarmiento
    • history teaches us that power corrupts la historia (nos) enseña que el poder corrompe
    • When things are going well, experience teaches us that turnouts are relatively lower.
    • Years of bitter experience have taught me that if you don't blow your own trumpet, it's fairly rare that anyone else will do it on your behalf.
    • However, don't they always teach us to learn from our mistakes?
    • Our multimedia degree programme teaches students to understand how technology affects business.
    • Experience teaches us that if it happens in the United States, it will happen here, sooner rather than later.
    • When I was coming into the Church, experience quickly taught me that I could not rely on catechesis at the parish level.
    • Experience teaches us that excess doesn't buy us happiness, that money can't insulate us from pain.
    • The movies teach us to expect violence from the mentally ill - even though it's clear that we have far more to fear from our ostensibly sane fellow citizens.
    • He takes a deep breath: ‘But such experiences have taught me about human life.’
    • Thus, discipline is really a process by which adults teach children and convey knowledge about appropriate behavior for various situations.
    • Experience taught him that art & words were inextricably bound with consciousness.
    • The experience of many decades had taught us to understand that the black poor of our country valued a just peace as deeply as they valued their lives.
    • Finally, experience teaches us that the fall of a government creates a security gap.
    • Experience teaches us that integrity may be compromised for convenience or to avoid unpleasant consequences.
    • Things haven't always been as happy for Mick, he has known his share of dark days but experience has taught him that life is precious and to be enjoyed.
    • My experience taught me that an owner should know every detail, from the cooking of the food up to its management, or he will be tricked by his workers.
    • We must save our heritage, we must learn from lessons taught us from the destruction of Swan Arcade and Forster Square Station to name but two examples.
    • The experience taught me how much it's possible to learn away from home in a new environment.
    • Experience teaches us, however, that humility often departs when the remembrance of imperfections grows more distant.
    • Experience has taught me that I should be worried if something is constructed using language and concepts which I can't understand.

intransitive verbtaught

  • 1

    dar clase(s)
    I teach at / in the local school doy clase(s) en el colegio del barrio
    • I'd like to teach me gustaría ser profesor / dedicarme a la enseñanza