Translation of teal in Spanish:


cerceta, n.

Pronunciation /til//tiːl/

nounPlural teals

  • 1

    cerceta feminine
    • Other birds that seemed to be flushed out by the truck were a few moorhens, a single purple swamphen, and a pair of marbled teals.
    • Recently, the Park attracted teals even before it started raining in earnest.
    • A small pale brown and maroon-chestnut coloured duck, the whistling teals appear feeble.
    • Cattail-thronged marshes here host canvasbacks, redheads, and swans, along with buffleheads, common golden-eyes, teals, and even some bald and golden eagles.
    • Ducks, coots, teals, terns, gulls, cormorants, waders, egrets, plovers and herons are some of the birds that assemble here.
    • All of our results show that the Grey Teal and Chestnut Teal are sister taxa, and we can reject the hypothesis that places the Chestnut Teal and New Zealand teals as sister taxa.
    • I watched lapwings competing for nest sites on the damp fields where I also saw pheasants, grey partridges, teal and mallards.
    • The farm is also home to blue-winged teals, coots, grebes, and an occasional osprey or peregrine falcon.
    • Surprisingly, rather than grouping the South Island Brown Teal with the North Island Brown Teal or one of the subantarctic teals, the South Island Brown Teal grouped with the Mallard and Grey Duck.
    • The teals, mallards and other small ducks were all paddling about.
    • Our two most common ducks, Mallard and American Black Duck, are dabblers, as are teals (like the Green-winged Teal we saw on New Year's Day) and wigeons.
    • Officials are closely monitoring and conducting tests of open-billed storks and teals to prevent the further spread of the outbreak during their winter migration season.
    • Using morphological characters, Livezey generated a phylogeny for dabbling ducks that included most of the Australasian teals.
    • Up to 600,000 gather here - gadwalls, pintails, Northern shovelers, teals.
    • In an attempt to resolve the taxonomic and systematic status of the Australasian teals, we sequenced mitochondrial DNA from the members of this group.
    • And while the local migratory birds are flying out, the foreign ones like mallards, pintails, teals, shovelers, pochards, waders and curlews are coming in.
    • Around the same time and at the same value, there also were plenty of wigeons and teal, although neither made much of an impression at the processing house.
    • Irrespective of the pattern of colonization, flightlessness probably evolved separately in the subantarctic teals.
    • Rather than being shared by all of the brown-plumaged teals, this character appears to be shared by only the New Zealand teals, because male Chestnut Teals (like Mallards) have a fully green head.
    • A spring of Common teals is resting at water's edge.