Translation of team in Spanish:


equipo, n.

Pronunciation /tim//tiːm/


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    Sport Games
    equipo masculine
    (captain) (before noun) del equipo
    (game) de equipo
    the players on / (British) in my team los jugadores de mi equipo
    • Players win games, and when teams have the right coach in the right situation, they win titles.
    • In this case, each player in a team plays a separate game with one of the opposing pair.
    • In a very competitive game both teams played some brilliant football.
    • For the most part, hockey is truly a team game in a sports world that sells individuals.
    • That doesn't seem fair to players on teams that don't qualify for post-season games.
    • This money is then paid into a pool, which is then paid out to players from each team in every game as weekly bonuses.
    • Each team member played six games, earning a point for a win and half a point for a draw.
    • Pate now reads the sports pages everyday to keep up-to-date with the latest teams, games and players.
    • Guiseley have had a big influx of players for all their teams at pre-season training.
    • Previous England rugby sides, and England teams in many other sports, would have crumbled under the weight of such errors.
    • The crowd at the port city turned out to be the most sporting, with players of both teams applauded for good cricket.
    • The mixed bag was welcome start to the season, with many new players of the home team playing their first game.
    • There are also many games in which players are split into teams which compete against each other.
    • Sports stars have been invited to visit the borough schools in a bid to promote team games and competitive sports.
    • The feature also discusses the great games, teams, and players of the tournament through the years.
    • If team sports and ball games are not your thing, the romance of swords, and bows and arrows may appeal.
    • Rather, it is the level that separates whether a player helps his team win or lose games.
    • Women's sport, especially in team games, is yet to provide the same appeal as men's.
    • Cricket is a team game and yet on this tour too many players have hidden or avoided responsibility.
    • Our game is the toughest team sport in the world and success has to be earned the hard way.
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    (in motor racing)
    escudería feminine
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    (of co-workers)
    equipo masculine
    (leader) (before noun) del equipo
    they make a good team forman un buen equipo
    • it was a team effort fue un trabajo de equipo
    • This is despite the considerable efforts of a team of would-be rescuers.
    • Now we see him together with a team of fifty people execute a plan and successfully separate the twin girls.
    • We got a team of people trying to get the documentation that will tell us what came down.
    • A team of seven people has already signed-up from the Gazette, but Sallie and Clive want to hear from you.
    • With the exception of Lee Grantham they were part of a team of individuals who organised and carried out the execution.
    • They should have a proven ability to lead a team of people, be self-motivated and adaptable.
    • The nation-wide search to find a team of new journalists was run during the summer and was a huge success.
    • Having said that I am going to run a very vigorous campaign and I have a team of workers anxious to get going.
    • The council has won a pledge of £200,000 to put together a team of people to shape the future of the West End.
    • Australia was a penal settlement at the time, and a team of convict labourers were set about the task.
    • A team of workers has just hit the streets to drop off leaflets, knock on doors and talk to local people about the new service.
    • This strategy said services should be provided by a team of specialists working together.
    • The gym will have state-of-the-art equipment and will be serviced by a team of specialist fitness staff.
    • So it was good to be out on the water, with a team of people and be forced to put the work in.
    • The Association is managed by a team of full time staff who report to a voluntary board of directors.
    • A team of lawyers and staff from Hammonds have devoted time and energy to fund-raising.
    • She stressed the city council was not abandoning archaeology and would still employ a team of archaeologists.
    • Twice the size of a normal bike, the bronze Fat Boy Harley has been made by a team of eight workers and taken six months to complete.
    • Each day a team of 30 staff start work at 6am to try to keep the Harrogate District free of litter.
    • The move will mean two paid staff will lose their jobs and a team of 11 volunteer workers will be left without a cause to help.
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    (of horses) tiro masculine
    (of oxen) yunta feminine
    (of dogs) traílla feminine
    • Who would have thought that not even two teams of the strongest horses would be able to pull apart hemispheres enclosing a near vacuum?
    • The latter seating four adults plus the driver and was pulled by a team of horses.
    • The rigid collar and tandem harness allowed teams to pull with equal strength and greater efficiency.
    • Throughout the war years hay was cut and raked with horse teams pulling the equipment.
    • That shadow passing in front of the moon, was that a team of reindeer pulling a sleigh through the sky?
    • Two teams of horses pulled each wagon and each driver had a crossbow rider with him.
    • In winter, teams of horses dragged sledges loaded with cut logs across frozen lakes.
    • Four months later he brought a team of horses to the Festival and landed the new juvenile handicap hurdle with Dabiroun.
    • He used an old steam boiler, filled with rocks, which was pulled by a horse or bullock team.
    • He jiggled the reigns and clucked at his team of midnight-black horses.
    • Romon called over his shoulder as he clucked the team of horses into motion.
    • Snow and dirt fly from the horses' hooves as teams of horses rocket down a frozen, snow-covered track.
    • It was also reckoned to take three years to train the teams of men and horses effectively.
    • Once pursed, the entire seine then had to be hauled ashore by teams of men and horses.
    • It must have seemed strange driving a team of horses pushing a machine from behind, but I suppose they soon got used to it.
    • His team pulled the sled deep into the night, Jason shouting orders left and right while he stood on the runners at the back of the sled.
    • Celebration was order of the day for Clare Chappelhow and her team of horses at Blackdyke.
    • I don't know about you, but I'm not about to trade in my minivan for a buggy and a team of horses any time soon.
    • The CFD was also fully mobilized using fire wagons pulled by horse teams.
    • Before examining groups and teams in animal societies, it is important to understand both the nature of work and tasks.

intransitive verb

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    to team with sth combinar con algo