Translation of technocracy in Spanish:


tecnocracia, n.

Pronunciation /tɛkˈnɑkrəsi//tɛkˈnɒkrəsi/

nounPlural technocracies

  • 1

    tecnocracia feminine
    • Technopoly, in other words, is totalitarian technocracy.
    • The end of the 1960s saw a rejection of technocracy, for many valid reasons.
    • The main parties all offer slightly different versions of turned-on technocracy.
    • But technocracy is intellectually dead and politically exhausted.
    • He argues that ‘deep democratization promises an alternative to technocracy.’
    • Admittedly, this optimism was tempered by his faith in democracy, and his hints about the growing threat of technocracy to democracy.
    • The cinema we need, the cinema that combats technocracy will, therefore, be non-narrative.
    • Some elements of the satirical model are more easily visible than the others: the critique of technocracy, and of socially irresponsible behavior, for example.
    • Paraphrasing Marcuse, technocracy views everything that is not backed up by facts, as an ideological matter.
    • With the decline of the critical intellectual, the thinker gives way to the expert, politics yields to technocracy, and culture and education lapse into forms of social therapy.
    • Politics has adopted the language of technocracy and presents itself as a matter of effective management.
    • As politics retreats from grand ideology to technocracy, it has become increasingly important for politicians to emphasise their distinctive values.
    • They stand against ‘industrial society in all its forms; against neoliberalism and technocracy, and against corporate crooks and their allies in government’.
    • For Chaplin, technocracy (especially corporate capitalism) must be fought, and nostalgia and sentiment must triumph.
    • For many in the counterculture of the early 1960s, computers had represented the epitome of all that was wrong with technology in the service of technocracy.
    • Instrumentality, rationality and technocracy supplant the heroic, stripping away place, history, bodies, time.
    • In fact, the authors claim the version of technocracy generated by the act may inadvertently serve the needs of democracy.