Translation of technocrat in Spanish:


tecnócrata, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛknəˌkræt//ˈtɛknəkrat/


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    tecnócrata masculine
    • By and large, the majority of new faces are technocrats.
    • Simultaneously, a forward-looking bishop authorized young Christian Democrat technocrats to experiment with transferring church-owned farms to their workers.
    • And while I'll freely admit that I may be too much of a pragmatic technocrat by nature, it's hard not to be discouraged by how hard it is to find anyone these days who actually cares about facts on the ground and genuine solutions.
    • The other group comprises global capitalists and technocrats.
    • Their outlook harmonized with the new orthodoxies of the planners, many of them Liberal theoreticians such as Keynes or Beveridge, or simply apolitical technocrats.
    • These reforms, it is said, will loosen the grip on power of unelected technocrats and establishment politicians, and allow the real wishes of the people concerning immigration, the death penalty, and national preference to be heard.
    • The economic planning by technocrats in the Fourth Republic paid off with high growth rates in France in the early years of the Fifth Republic.
    • Sovereignty, if it is not to be confiscated by factions of the bourgeoisie or technocrats in their service, has to be popular sovereignty.
    • He's a New Economy technocrat, raised at the heart of government, with a privileged education.
    • After all, there would appear to be no less reason to apply the same sort of language to Laskian socialists or Keynesian technocrats.
    • In Italy, governments of so-called technocrats have been repeatedly appointed during periods of political crisis to work alongside cabinets of politically unaffiliated specialists.
    • What the witch - hunters want us to do is to live the life of servitude to state power, as technocrats and as ideologues.
    • But the age of the generals was over and that of the ideologues and technocrats had begun.
    • Is there anyway to guess whether he's going to be a reformer or a conservative or a technocrat or an ideologue?
    • They cannot just be technocrats; the ethic of the left has to become something again.