Translation of technology in Spanish:


tecnología, n.

Pronunciation /tɛkˈnɑlədʒi//tɛkˈnɒlədʒi/

nounPlural technologies

  • 1

    tecnología feminine
    to make advances in technology hacer adelantos tecnológicos
    • we don't yet have the technology to isolate the virus todavía no poseemos la tecnología que nos permitiría aislar el virus
    • It will need better burning technologies, cleaner traffic and more sustainable energy.
    • These new technologies can be useful, if we apply them to practical problems.
    • The momentum of this present economy derives from the speed of its underpinning technologies.
    • The first has led to nuclear technologies, while the second has opened the way to biotechnology.
    • In so doing the technologies had to be designed and adapted for the different settings.
    • New technologies in medicine are crucial and will have an enormous impact.
    • However, the realities of these technologies have lagged behind the promises.
    • Shell is investing in renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind power and wave power.
    • This creates the incentives for people to shift to cleaner technologies and fuels.
    • As with all new technologies, costs are expected to fall as the products become more ubiquitous.
    • He also looked at how our expectations of what the new technologies would do for our lives had been frustrated.
    • This is not propitious for making the most of our exciting new technologies.
    • The lead times for developing new technologies in the nuclear industry are very long.
    • Together, these technologies are set to revolutionise the way we watch and record television.
    • The story of the transformation in physical technologies comes in two quite distinct stages.
    • The human response to these technologies was a myriad of attempts to capitalize on them for good and for profit.
    • What are the latest technologies that are ready for sale or which you are already selling?
    • Thirdly, there is a need for serious investment in research into new energy technologies.
    • How do we define and protect public values when we are only just beginning to see mass public use of these technologies?
    • How do we use technologies to extend ourselves rather than avoid ourselves?