Translation of technology transfer in Spanish:

technology transfer

transferencia de tecnología, n.


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    transferencia de tecnología feminine
    • In addition, they were asked to discuss their choices with regard to coalition warfare, technology transfer, and foreign military sales.
    • In the 1980s, the appropriate technology movement, a systematic effort to explore case studies of technology transfer from the developed to the developing world, arrived at many fascinating insights.
    • The new center would undertake business development, staff training and technology transfer for the benefit of both countries.
    • ‘They will also be able to seek out opportunities for both business development and technology transfer,’ she added.
    • By the early 1990s, such technology transfer was well under way, to the benefit of medicine, the economy and the universities themselves.
    • It would mean upholding international commitments to developing financing and technology transfer.
    • Regional and national research, technology transfer and policy development also need improvement.
    • Other areas of cooperation include cooperation in research and development, technology transfer, tourism promotion, human resource development and other economy-related areas.
    • Interaction between academia and industry is also undeveloped, as is the role of foreign investments in technology transfer.
    • We should be the world's leader in technology transfer and technical assistance to meet a host of environmental and health challenges.
    • Required cooperation, including technology transfer, can include incentives and economic opportunities for all parties.
    • We see a higher education sector which meets the needs of the economy in terms of trained people, research and technology transfer.
    • The product is available to medical device manufacturers through licensing arrangements with technology transfer and contract coating options.
    • More jobs will be created and there will be technology transfer within the framework of South-to-South co-operation.
    • As transportation and communications costs have declined, international economic transactions - trade, finance, technology transfer - have increased dramatically.
    • Under the mentorship program the process of technology transfer and skills development is expected to take place.
    • There are also concerns that the rules hinder technology transfer from North to South, preventing poor countries from competing in an increasingly knowledge-based global economy.
    • And I think if the G8 is successful in getting a way forward in getting practical technology development and technology transfer then this meeting in Gleneagles will have served the world well.
    • Its purpose is to facilitate technical co-operation and technology transfer so that developing states do not have to rely on Article 5 to protect their interests but are enabled to comply with the protocol's control measures.
    • The optical systems developed also offer the potential for technology transfer and economic development.