Translation of tee-hee in Spanish:


je, je, interj.

Pronunciation /ˌti ˈhi//tiːˈhiː/


  • 1

    je, je
    ji, ji
    • The Archbishop likes nothing more than a joke; his shoulders shake, his nostrils flare, eyes twinkle and his infectious, cackling tee-hee, tee-hee, tee-hee rings round the café, generating smiles from everyone.
    • They were actually fighting over who got to pay the most, tee-hee.
    • ‘That was me, tee-hee,’ he said, and Benji reached across and smacked him in the face as Hillary sat down.
    • Maybe he's not as popular as he thinks he is tee-hee!
    • Confusion sets in, especially among my own race as I'm seemingly the only black hippie girl in Chicago who still says dude in every day conversation. Tee-hee.
    • Tee-hee, thanks much for the compliment!
    • I like making lemonade with the water and the lemons and sugar they have, tee-hee.