Translation of teeter in Spanish:


tambalearse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtidər//ˈtiːtə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    he teetered toward me se me acercó tambaleándose
    • The clown clumsily teetered back and forth and vanished in a flash of colorful confetti.
    • Right in the middle of the room was Vince, his eyes were only partially open and his body was teetering back and forth.
    • Alex's books fell and she teetered backwards and would have fallen if it weren't for an arm grabbing her by the waist.
    • My legs, which I was already teetering on with dubious balance, seemed to give out and I collapsed, curling into a miserable ball under the glass.
    • Cows wander the streets, ragged children pester dogs with sticks, tailors teeter past on bicycles balancing bolts of fabric.
    • He was swaying dangerously, teetering near the edge of the house.
    • She teetered precariously before moving once again to position her feet solidly on the ground.
    • He pushed them both into the fountain while they were still teetering off balance.
    • They bob and teeter while feeding, and move nervously and quickly over rocks, probing for active prey on the surface.
    • She ran her hands through her hair in a gesture of aggravation and stood, teetering on unsteady legs.
    • Molly looked at Aaron in surprise as he pulled himself up onto his feet, teetering unsteadily for a second.
    • With a heavy thud she slammed into the hat rack, which teetered and tottered before tipping toward her.
    • She was standing on the edge of the huge rock, teetering, and her reddish-brown hair swung about as she did.
    • I watched it as it teetered back and forth, threatening to fall off in a most ungraceful fashion.
    • I tugged again, and then as I stumbled, the suitcase teetered, and fell backwards, bouncing down the stairs to land at the bottom.
    • Ana stood with the assistance of the bed, teetering unsteadily, smirk on her face, bottle in hand.
    • I heard heavy footsteps on the porch steps and glanced over as the guy almost fell but grabbed the railing, teetering to the left unsteadily with a quiet laugh.
    • The manouevre came dangerously close to spilling me entirely into the muck, but I teetered back and forth and finally came to rest still in the upright position.
    • The carriage teetered precariously as he moved to take a seat opposite her and they stared at each other in a calming silence as she drank, but once she finished, the cup fell from her loose fingers and clattered loudly on the floor.
    • People who were standing upon the land were either thrown backwards into the crowd, or teetered back and forth on the rising ground of the levee.