Translation of teething ring in Spanish:

teething ring

anillo de dentición, n.


  • 1

    anillo de dentición masculine
    • Instead of allowing your infant to bite you, give her a teething ring or soft toy to chew.
    • Some parents swear by teething rings that your baby can chew on.
    • Symptomatic relief of teething discomfort includes sucking on cold teething rings or wash-cloths.
    • Rubber teething rings are also good, but avoid the ones with liquid inside because they may break.
    • You can ease the pain by rubbing the gums gently with your finger, letting your child chew on a teething ring or using a pacifier.
    • Chewing on a teething ring (or something hard that is too big to swallow) can help ease pain.
    • Giving your child a cold teething ring or a cold washcloth to chew and suck on may help.
    • Chimes, rattles, teething rings, colorful pictures and soft blocks will stimulate your baby at this age.
    • His new stuffed animals went in his crib, but his other toys, like teething rings, went in the large laundry basket with all of his other hard toys.
    • Never dip your baby's dummy or teething ring into fruit syrups, honey, fruit juices or anything containing sugars, particularly at bedtime.
    • When a baby savagely bites its teething ring, it is because it (the baby) is experiencing excruciating pain from the teeth tearing their way through its gums.
    • Give them a clean teething ring or cold spoon to chew.
    • She had also thrown in a few pacifiers and a teething ring, ‘For later.’
    • The room got very quiet, and time seemed to shift into slow motion as you reached up, grabbed the teething ring, opened your mouth and tried to bring the teething ring to your tongue.
    • Anyways, she said Sandy should have packed a teething ring which may help, but try to get it cold first.
    • Just nine months old, she is blissfully unaware that her daddy is an Olympic champion but is happy to use the medal as an unusual teething ring.
    • I rocked her back and forth, sang her some songs, we even ventured downstairs for the teething ring and up again, but nothing I tried was calming her down.
    • A chilled teething ring may distract the child whilst helping to soothe their sore gums.