Translation of teetotal in Spanish:


abstemio, adj.

Pronunciation /tiːˈtəʊt(ə)l//ˈtiˌtoʊdl/


  • 1

    (person) abstemio
    (party) sin bebidas alcohólicas
    • One of the country's leading experts on alcohol believes moderate drinking is healthier than being teetotal.
    • In the 1830s, a third movement, the teetotal movement, emerged and radicalized temperance reform in two ways.
    • Over the years I've known 3 sets of twins (not all identical) and in every case one of them drinks and one is teetotal because they don't like the taste of alcohol.
    • Martin said: ‘Andrew likes a drop or two, Dad enjoys the occasional taster, but the truth is that I am teetotal!’
    • Gerry was teetotal, but we had a fantastic time.
    • And I hadn't fully realised how odd I'd feel, an omnivore who likes a drink dropped into a city populated largely by teetotal vegetarians.
    • I'm nearly teetotal, I wake up at five every morning to feed the horses and I work all hours.
    • In the West Midlands, 78% were willing to stop drinking, reduce their alcohol intake or were teetotal already compared to 66% in the capital.
    • Yes, he was an active participant on that evening but, while he was only too happy to dish out the vodka, he remained teetotal and disappeared to bed at a respectable hour so he was fit and able for practice the following morning.
    • Though the general fitness of players has improved during my 17 years in the game, teetotal footballers are still vastly outnumbered by those who do partake of an alcoholic refreshment.
    • The Temperance Society, an organisation in which people pledged to be teetotal, was first established in 1832.
    • Thankfully, I'm quite happy to stay teetotal for the duration.
    • He is married with two adopted children and is teetotal.
    • I have lost a pound or two in weight - my boyfriend has lost half a stone - but I don't feel being teetotal has led to a major improvement in my health.
    • It really is hard to believe that he's teetotal.
    • The alcohol ban is a strain on my mum, she likes a bit of a drink, but my dad's teetotal.
    • Mild-mannered, teetotal, often other-worldly, he was unswerving in his work for a party notable then for its lack of success.
    • He never drank alcohol, and he had strong teetotal convictions.
    • ‘I've been teetotal for seven years, and I'm never going back,’ he says.
    • My diet is a lot better now and importantly, I'm virtually teetotal, which has really helped my fitness.