Translation of telecoms in Spanish:



Pronunciation /ˈtɛləˌkɑm//ˈtɛlɪkɒmz/

plural noun

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    • It now has sector supplements for the automotive, finance, telecoms and tour operators sectors.
    • Reductions in debt ratings have also put a strain on finances throughout the telecoms sector.
    • Will its products be enough to woo back investors despite fears of a telecoms downturn?
    • There is less cable-laying work, due to a fall in demand from the telecoms business.
    • All telecoms companies have seen their market capitalisation more than halve during the past year.
    • This is to enable these businesses to be better able to cope when spending by telecom operators resumes.
    • Many larger operators, struggling in an out of favour telecoms market are now wary of the costs.
    • Does the thought of investing in the wireless or telecom industry now leave your head spinning?
    • A telecom industry analyst said the impact on the two mobile phone companies would be minimal.
    • Either way, the telecoms operators are likely to see it as a subsidy to undercut market pricing.
    • They also see ample evidence of fierce competition in many areas, both in consumer and business telecoms.
    • In Germany the telecoms services sector is one of the most promising business areas.
    • In other markets, such as telecoms or the Internet backbone, it has to be more robust.
    • The survey also looks at telecoms infrastructure, broadband provision and mobile services.
    • If you are in telecoms or telecoms equipment supply you are right there at the front of the firing line.
    • The deregulation of the telecoms market has seen the emergence of 17 telephone operators.
    • The impact of this on telecoms and mobile cellular operator voice revenues promises to be interesting.
    • It works with the largest telecomms and mobile phone operators in North America, Europe and Japan, as well as in the energy sector and IT.
    • They wanted to design complex telecoms systems using interface descriptions.
    • These high volume business telephone users tend to be the main targets of alternative telecom companies.