Translation of teleconference in Spanish:


teleconferencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛləˌkɑnf(ə)rəns//ˈtɛlɪkɒnf(ə)r(ə)ns/


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    teleconferencia feminine
    • I can remember struggling to match 10 different plugs to 10 different sockets and configure a PC in a desperate attempt to have a teleconference.
    • Customers can increase or decrease bandwidth more quickly and request additional bandwidth for specific situations such as teleconferences.
    • One thing that bothers me is why he is being taken seriously enough to warrant, for example, a teleconference with Microsoft engineers.
    • Visits to a Web site, of course, are not the same as a person-to-person meeting, but as are teleconferences, the activity is a virtual stand-in for direct interpersonal communication.
    • As equipment and high-bandwidth cabling become more commonplace, it's possible that sophisticated, multimedia teleconferences can be held from your own computer or even in a mobile setting.
    • Uses include watching movies via digital multimedia broadcasting at an airport, viewing a game stored in mobile handset's memory, or conducting a video teleconference in poor lighting or at a less than optimal viewing angle.
    • At the core of the program is the use of technology such as fax, e-mail and teleconferences to minimize expenses.
    • Now most work is accomplished via Internet meetings, video teleconferences, e-mail, and other electronic media.
    • Every week, the four markets' team leaders conduct a teleconference with their executive teams to assess whether new developments justify midcourse modifications.
    • That's why 90 per cent of the teleconference was taken up with legal issues.
    • Many organizations are willing to pay a premium to guarantee adequate bandwidth at a specified time (for a teleconference or a distance-education course, for example).
    • Many activities drew out of these conferences, including two international satellite teleconferences held during the UN World Conferences of Women.
    • The teleconference is sponsored by The National Children's Cancer Society (N.C.C.S.) and is free for parents of childhood cancer survivors and educators.
    • Teleconferences and satellite teleconferences are effective methods of teaching bioterrorism preparedness to large numbers of physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals.
    • Additionally, teleconferences are critical for negotiation and discussion.
    • Make sure regular teleconferences or videoconferences happen at a regular time and day.
    • If the other parent fears no bias against his caregiving, he might bring the child to the meeting or set up a teleconference from home.
    • We make discreet enquiries, and sources respond that there was indeed massive demand for the teleconference.
    • Developers are spread out over various geographical locations and weekly teleconferences are set up to discuss ongoing development issues.
    • The company has since established a teleconference link with Germany for teleconference meetings.