Translation of telephone banking in Spanish:

telephone banking


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    • These included, Internet banking, wireless banking, and telephone banking.
    • Greater adoption of the use of the internet for payment services and telephone banking will smooth financial-service delivery even further.
    • They can take out a direct debit, pay by computer or telephone banking or pay by cash or cheque at a bank.
    • About 25%, 58% and 66% of respondents respectively did not normally use internet or telephone banking for any of the tasks listed.
    • The official policy is to offer multi-channel options to customers, which will include branch banking, telephone banking and internet banking.
    • The standards include talking automated teller machines for the visually impaired, clearer and consistent instructions for telephone banking and wheelchair accessible facilities.
    • Besides home banking through Internet and telephone banking, the banks use a variety of channels to connect the client with its sales force and its operations.
    • Despite the appeal of the internet, telephone banking still offers many customers a speedier and more reliable service.
    • I have always told friends and family how great online banking was and that it was as secure as telephone banking.
    • Even the costs of the much-cheaper telephone banking administered at a call centre can be cut by a quarter by moving on to the net.
    • Instead, it advises customers to call the bank's telephone banking service, although customers have also complained that this is easier said than done.
    • The internet, and indeed telephone banking, allows banks and building societies to avoid the need for expensive premises and to dispense with much of the paperwork.
    • Some accounts may only be available on the Internet, while others may be operated via telephone banking only.
    • We are often told that we are living in an increasingly cashless society, with internet shopping, telephone banking and chip and pin debit cards.
    • Customers were increasingly turning to the internet and telephone banking rather than visiting their local branch.
    • Then I took to telephone banking, which was handy because at least it told you pending amounts and allowed easy transfers between accounts.
    • Moreover, banks which operate over the internet and those with telephone banking operations may have no branches at all.
    • Financial institutions need to avail of the opportunities offered by new technology such as telephone banking, internet banking and electronic transactions, she said.
    • In return they offer premium service like 24-hour personal telephone banking and target a small but profitable market segment which saves foreign currencies and doesn't mind paying for wealth management, for example.
    • Also, individuals can pay each other via internet and telephone banking to transfer payments as a safe, convenient, no-hassle alternative to cheques or cash.