Translation of telephone operator in Spanish:

telephone operator

operador, n.


  • 1

    operador masculine
    operadora feminine
    telefonista feminine
    • The telephone operator is able to validate need in real time using computerized maintenance records.
    • When François is away on business, he meets an attractive telephone operator named Emilie.
    • Their principal staff officer was a captain, along with a radio telephone operator.
    • Being a telephone operator was one of the first full-time jobs for women in the workplace.
    • She had managed to get two high-paying jobs: one as a telephone operator and the other as a lawyer's secretary.
    • As a young woman she worked as a telephone operator and relished telling stories of overheard conversations.
    • Gladys worked as a telephone operator in the Telephone exchange.
    • In fact her older sister Elizabeth worked as a telephone operator in town and listened in enough to know everything that was going on in the community.
    • In Florida I worked as a telephone operator for two days at a friend's farm.
    • The first person to speak to you will be the telephone operator, who will ask whether you require the ambulance, fire, or police service.
    • Well, what do you think a telephone operator does?
    • He was a radio telephone operator, grenadier and machine gun operator.
    • One telephone operator and one policeman greeted me with baffled, incredulous looks.
    • For six months, she was a food-factory inspector, then a telephone operator, a receptionist, and a light-bulb saleswoman.
    • The manager meanwhile served as the telephone operator.
    • Carmichael pressed a button and the screen switched back to the telephone operator at the Police Information Line.
    • In the new age of communication, there may be no need for a telephone operator very soon.
    • Next, I was struggling on the phone to get information from a Mexican telephone operator when there was a soft tap on my door.
    • The telephone operator will assess how serious the emergency is and then decides which response is most appropriate.
    • I also discovered among my parents’ papers a long handwritten story about a telephone operator mistakenly connecting two callers.