Translation of telesales in Spanish:


televentas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛləˌseɪlz//ˈtɛlɪseɪlz/

plural noun

  • 1

    televentas feminine
    before noun telesales person televendedor masculine
    • She then got a job in telesales selling advertising space for newspapers and airtime for radio, and discovered her vocation.
    • We have very much turned into telesales type auctioneers.
    • They were mainly telesales people and call centre supervisors who moved into business development and sales management roles.
    • Part of this transition will mean we need to transfer much of our activity from cold calling field sales to telesales and appointment selling.
    • This involves reaching customers via communications media such as telesales, mailshots, catalogues, or advertisements with tear-off reply slips.
    • We have compiled the following list of teleservices agencies that are available to help your organization better perform CRM, telesales, customer service, etc., functions.
    • She bought a house for cash with the money and started working from home as a telesales trainer for other call centres.
    • Those staff who are affected will include managers in the marketing, retail and telesales departments, but does not apply to front line staff.
    • He's firmly convinced that telesales is the better system.
    • Quite a lot of the call centre workers, who do telesales, are students or people who have just graduated and have to do something to pay off their debts.
    • Of the people I know there are several of us with different prospects in life - salesmen, lawyer, shop assistant, telesales, unemployed, bin man and so on.
    • The most favoured roles include customer service, technical support, telesales and credit collection.
    • There were also roles for professionals with experience in shared service environments and sales roles, especially in telesales / outbound sales.
    • Such work includes customer services, help desks, appointment making, telesales, e-mail handling, and market research.
    • Once the employees complete their course, they are then either offered a job within the company or are guaranteed an interview with other major national telesales and customer service operations.
    • We can look after the company cars, the laptops, the expenses and the telesales.
    • It also has a direct sales team and a telesales team to sell the products.
    • Key strengths include the financial modules, distribution, telesales, multicurrency, e-commerce and management reporting.
    • It is expected that a telesales service will replace the district retail outlets, perhaps as early as September, but no firm date has been given for this.
    • It will also get rid of on-the-road sales staff and go for a telesales operation, cutting costs.