Translation of telescope in Spanish:


telescopio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛlɪskəʊp//ˈtɛləˌskoʊp/


  • 1

    telescopio masculine

transitive verb

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    (book/report/events) resumir
    (events/report/book) abreviar
    the cars were telescoped (together) in the accident en el accidente los coches quedaron incrustados unos en los otros
    • Their budding relationship and accumulating discoveries, crudely telescoped in this screenplay, unfold in laborious parallel with the flashback 19 th-century affair.
    • At the risk of unduly telescoping or compressing modern Malaysian history, just two political turning-points will now be identified.
    • Furthermore, I feel it is perfectly legitimate, in the interests of creating a good drama, to telescope events or create symbolic scenes.
    • But their timescales, given to telescoping when they make demands of others, have always been elastic with regard to requirements of themselves.
    • The sentiments expressed may be dramatic, but that is what happens when four years of your life are telescoped down into 13 seconds of breath-taking speed and agility.

intransitive verb

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    (umbrella/tripod) (como un telescopio) plegarse
    • It has to be designed to be crushed, bent, telescoped and twisted yet capable of popping open and straightening out again without breaking.
    • They are produced in sections that can be telescoped for portability.
    • The chairs telescope into each other so that large numbers can be transported with ease.
    • The doubler plate is very securely riveted to the boiler barrel but close inspection shows that water has been leaking for some time and has cause serious external corrosion of the outer surface of the barrel - particularly where the two barrel sections telescope into each other.