Translation of television in Spanish:


televisión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛləˌvɪʒən//ˈtɛlɪvɪʒ(ə)n//tɛlɪˈvɪʒ(ə)n/


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    televisión feminine
    (screen/transmitter/studio) (before noun) de televisión
    (program/broadcast) de televisión
    (program/broadcast) televisivo
    to see sth on television ver algo en / por (la) televisión
    • what's on television tonight? ¿qué dan esta noche en / por televisión?
    • I've never been / appeared on television no he salido nunca en / por (la) televisión
    • the Queen spoke on television la reina habló por televisión
    • to watch television ver / mirar (la) televisión
    • television announcer locutora de continuidad de televisión
    • television dinner comida pre-preparada para consumir viendo la televisión
    • television license licencia que debe obtenerse para poseer un receptor de televisión
    • television listings programación televisiva / de televisión
    • television lounge / room sala de televisión
    • television network red de televisión
    • television viewer telespectadora
    • Normally, the sale of colour televisions soar every time there is some major sporting event.
    • The community received a satellite dish, a digital satellite decoder and a television set.
    • It takes the play-by-play nature of radio and television and converges it online.
    • Datacasting pushes data over the airwaves or other media alongside television, radio or other signals.
    • This includes such items as telephones, radios, televisions and recording devices.
    • His school benefited by receiving a television set as a prize.
    • They tend to sit in front of televisions and computer screens for hours on end.
    • Radio and television signals are captured using antennae close to the size of the wavelength of broadcast radiation.
    • It was the only form of communication, as no radio or telephone, television, video or film existed then.
    • By analogy, that term came to be applied to transmitting radio or television signals over a wide area.
    • Monitors and televisions rely on our inability to discern detail at the pixel level.
    • Safety will be a key issue with a security kiosk and gates backed up by a swipe card entry system, as well as closed circuit television cameras.
    • As always, the sale of colour televisions are all set to go up, as the tournament approaches.
    • They have made provision by buying big screen televisions for spectators.
    • However, like its print and television counterparts, radio is undergoing rapid change.
    • If there was a release that would benefit from widescreen televisions, this would be it.
    • A decoder box fitted to the television set would deliver 200 or more pay channels.
    • Drinks machines, televisions and magazines are all necessities in a modern launderette.
    • Analog closed circuit television systems require that video tapes be changed daily or at least every other day.
    • The steam printing press, telegraph, radio and television have all revolutionized media in some way or another.
    • Until 1976, the radio and television system was also fully state controlled.
    • Similarly, radio and television signals were designed to be relayed to a single wire even if part of their passage was wireless.
    • From there it was a small step to radio and eventually television.
    • Each side of the room had three televisions at various points, suspended from the ceiling, with a seventh at the end.
    • The tower has a restaurant, radio and television transmitter and more.
    • At the moment, flat screen televisions are still the sort of thing that only corporate money can buy.
    • The race will be shown on big screens and televisions around the grounds.
    • Local dealers have retuned televisions for their clients to receive the channel.
    • The new campaign goes live across television, radio and online.
    • The television set, and what one is able to offer has changed dramatically since they first became available.
    • The game was being shown on two big screens and five televisions in the pub.
    • They will also be pre-wired for surround sound music systems and television.
    • It is also in the forefront of the drive to transmit television via broadband.
    • Method of transmitting radio and television signals that promises better-quality picture and sound, and a wider choice of channels.
    • Coming soon are high-brightness displays for computer screens and televisions.
    • He admits that it can sometimes be difficult to tear his teenage boys away from their computer games and bedroom televisions.
    • One of the decoder's signals can in fact be accessed by televisions in any room in my home.
    • The moment will be beamed by satellite transmission to television and radio stations around the world.
  • 2also television set

    televisor masculine
    aparato de televisión masculine
    televisión feminine
    to turn / switch the television on/off poner / encender/apagar el televisor / la televisión
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    televisión feminine
    she works in television trabaja en (la) televisión
    • We've invested heavily in our team in the city and now have two television reporters and a radio reporter based there.
    • The medium of television has only increased the power of sports to be a shared experience among a disparate population.
    • Our news columns and television broadcasts fail consistently to reflect this diversity.
    • Print, radio and television surround us with negative images.
    • And how we can better understand each other through this great medium we have called television.
    • By 1952 the conventions were designed for the visual medium of television.
    • The same could be said of the rapid response medium of television news - viewers are now used to seeing human destruction as it happens.
    • The new party television broadcasts were helping them make up their mind.
    • Men dominate the production and programming side of television too.
    • I used to say that television was the best medium ever invented for showing old films late into the night.
    • A series of television adverts will be broadcast as part of the Full Stop campaign, which aims to challenge and change attitudes to children.
    • Greek television broke into programs to report developments.
    • Audiences for broadcast television news are suffering a downward flutter.
    • For years, advertisers have been growing increasingly unhappy with television as an advertising medium.
    • Moreover, television is an adversarial medium that reports politics through the prism of personal conflict.
    • The first was the rise of television, a centralizing medium that invited such journalism.
    • Both candidates agreed to use the evolving medium of television as a venue for the customary leaders' debate.
    • Soon after the paper's publication, British television aired a program on the whooping cough vaccine.
    • Yes, we are living in a truly stunning period of creative activity in television.
    • The television advertisements will be broadcast over a five week period.