Translation of televisual in Spanish:


televisivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌtɛləˈvɪʒuəl//tɛlɪˈvɪʒʊ(ə)l//tɛlɪˈvɪzjʊ(ə)l/


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    • This is counter to mainstream cinema viewing but in keeping with soap opera and many televisual texts.
    • But sadly, no televisual images of this are available.
    • Like Formula One, golf is a sport where you get a better view of what is going on from watching it on the television and that televisual experience is fast evolving.
    • Gymnastics is, like figure skating, a highly televisual sport where appeals are commonplace and rumours abound about the judging, and it is now under pressure to reform.
    • One difference between cinematic and televisual depictions of disaster involves the different visual logics of the two media.
    • AS A child of the televisual age, it's remarkable that so many of my sporting memories are encapsulated by still images rather than moving footage.
    • ‘We have a television culture but that doesn't mean we have to have televisual simplicities in our politics’.
    • It is worth considering how televisual programming makes activity and interactivity a part of its appeal to the viewer.
    • Punters who like to create and edit their own televisual treats can do so using bundled video capture and DVD mastering software.
    • Similarly, she seems to have become accustomed to seeing herself through the eyes of televisual media and the products it promotes.
    • We should appreciate that our desires to shield our aesthetic experiences against criticism and the fragility of time subtend our televisual choices.
    • There are people with televisual charisma; he's one.
    • Despite this, there is evidence of a nascent televisual language.
    • Soap opera is the descendant of the melodramatic in televisual form.
    • The copious amount of philosophical work on the subject of comedy offers valuable and suggestive resources to the student of film and televisual comedy.
    • The drama uses conventions of televisual reality, grounding the drama in the real world, making it more accessible for the viewer and more easily appropriated by them.
    • Though shot in widescreen, the feel of the piece is otherwise televisual.
    • Literacy in televisual grief was being formed through the event.
    • This reporter predicts it to be a most intriguing televisual experience, involving changing coloured lights and an exciting timpanic musical accompaniment.
    • His acute sense of the symbolic and the televisual has created images of success so powerful that they overwhelm doubts about his logic.