Translation of temper in Spanish:


humor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛmpər//ˈtɛmpə/


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    • 1.1

      (mood) humor masculine
      (temperament, disposition) carácter masculine
      (temperament, disposition) genio masculine
      to be in a good/bad temper estar de buen/mal humor / genio
      • to be in a filthy / foul temper estar de un humor de perros
      • to have an even temper tener muy buen carácter / genio
      • to have a quick temper ser una polvorilla
      • to have a vicious / terrible temper tener muy mal carácter / genio
      • you'll have to learn to watch / control your temper vas a tener que aprender a controlar tu mal genio
      • my temper got the better of me perdí los estribos
      • temper, temper! ¡qué geniecito!
      • I expect that over the years, she has sought to accommodate her daughter's wishes rather than confront her whenever she has been in a temper.
      • That would certainly put it in a bad temper and might explain why it was always so scary.
      • You can't get out of Heathrow without falling immediately into a bad temper.
      • He might ruin any number of valuable things in a temper!
      • Sometimes it is not easy or possible to walk away, especially when they are in the middle of a fit of temper.
      • I have a tendency toward being a bit of a nag to Chris, and I guess I put him in a temper.
      • To her surprise, he didn't throw her out in a fit of temper.
      • Molly stamps her foot in a temper.
      • Gabe stalked over to the weapons rack and pulled down two wooden staves, in a bad temper because his preferred sword hadn't been chosen.
      • Brigid refused and, in a fit of temper, one of her brothers hit her in the face.
      • He tends to karate kick the office partition when he's in a temper.
      • She carefully spoke to the horse calming it's raging temper.
      • The führer pushed the girl violently to the ground in a temper.
      • So he decided to cancel the dish, and slunk off to his dormitory down the road in a bad temper.
      • Realising that he has been fooled, Cohen leaves in a temper.
      • He idly wondered which one of them was in the bad temper.
      • I said and got up, stalking off to my room in a frightful temper.
      • I watched her as she walked away from me, obviously in a temper from that confrontation a few minutes ago.
      • After of course spending the rest of lunch period torturing my stupid relative, I stalked out of the cafeteria in a bad temper.
      • He still wanted to survive the ceremony, and that would be harder if Ishella was in a temper.
      • The bad temper of earlier was gone and his eyes were shining with anticipation.
      • The man struck me in a temper, so hard I bounced off the courtyard wall.
      • Nelly, in a temper, grabbed the bird and lashed it from her shoulder.
      • Still in a fit of temper, she grabbed the remote from him and turned the TV on.
      • Don't be put off by the first track where someone in a bad temper attacks a keyboard for a minute and a half.
      • He was getting extremely angry and damaged the second window in a fit of temper.
      • That morning Francis awoke in rather a bad temper.
      • Who knows what I might do tomorrow in a fit of temper or in a fit of rage.
      • She seemed to inflate, her nostrils flaring in a temper.
      • Damon, on the other hand, saw that I was in a temper, and got as far away from me as he could.
      • Her temper was sweet and calm, much like a sheep's, until she had a blade in her hand, and then she was as quick and merciless as a she-wolf.
      • As I said he was in a bad temper most of the time, frustrated to the point of tears by his incapacity.
      • Mark frowned; he didn't expect the word to get around that quickly, but then, he never counted on Mary-Ellen in a temper.
      • His temper had not calmed from his earlier encounter with the Johnson twins.
      • Reginald was not in when she returned his call later that evening, and Loretta went to bed in a bad temper.

    • 1.2(rage)

      to be in a temper estar furioso / hecho una furia
      • to fly into a temper montar en cólera
      • a fit of temper un ataque de furia

    • 1.3(composure)

      to lose one's temper perder los estribos informal
      • to keep one's temper no perder la calma / los estribos
      • tempers frayed as the meeting wore on los ánimos se fueron caldeando a medida que la reunión se prolongaba

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    (of metal)
    temple masculine
    • In this connection it is well known that molybdenum additions to Ni-Cr steels can eliminate temper embrittlement.
    • The resistance to atmospheric corrosion is improved and copper steels can be temper hardened.
    • Alloys in the T4 temper are susceptible to room-temperature aging.

transitive verb

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    (criticism) atenuar
    (criticism) suavizar
    (enjoyment) empañar
    the long wait had not tempered their enthusiasm la larga espera no había disminuido su entusiasmo
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    (in metalwork)