Translation of tempest in Spanish:


tempestad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛmpəst//ˈtɛmpɪst/



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    tempestad feminine literary
    • News of the unusual discovery is stirring up a tempest among scientists, who are studying the storm to find out how it formed.
    • Clapping gave way in an instant to the booming thunder as all turned from the singer to behold the tempest in the sky.
    • The wind was now practically a tornado, leaves and twigs caught up in its ever-circling tempest.
    • The ancient Maya Indians - who had their heyday in Mexico and Central America from about A.D.250 to 900-had more than a passing familiarity with the tempests that regularly howled off the Atlantic.
    • We rope the house to trees along the shore to prevent it from drifting away when we are buffeted by strong winds during the area's frequent tempests.
    • They bravely endured these tempests and continued to fight valiantly across the turbid depths to reach their goal…
    • The weather seemed to be a pretense for a storm, windy and hinting toward a tempest.
    • And so, I submissively give in at this stage and let the winds of politics blow all around me without seeking to alter the course of the raging seas and tempests that may lie ahead.
    • The first thing I noticed as we approached the front door was that outside seemed to be caught up in a violent tempest.
    • So they designed a form of government - and particularly the Senate - that would be slow to act or react to the passing public tempests.
    • Calm seas and easy winds do not test a ship's worthiness, but it is the tempest and the hurricane that show her true metal.
    • Abruptly following, a hoard of men appeared on the ridge, and with a howl like a raging tempest, chaos erupted.
    • He enjoys the experience of being in the center of the windstorm for it is the only calm part of the tempest.
    • There wasn't any thunder or lightning, just rain, but it was quite a tempest nonetheless.
    • The heavy tempests shook the foundation of the Tang Dynasty, its former military glory and pride crumbling into the depths of mere fantasies.
    • Exotic coasts are often littered with old shipwrecks because of the frequent tempests that have ravaged them in times past - which means they probably still suffer them today.
    • Inside the sounds of the growing tempest were muffled, but the echo of the wind racking against the rusted metal was not.
    • It came from their grandfather - a man who failed to outrun one of the tempests that periodically hit the coast long before the twins were born.
    • His mind had been too occupied to notice the raging tempest that was taking place up deck.
    • Back on the streets of Edinburgh, she bids a cheery farewell, braces her brolly against the raging tempest and heads for the shops.