Translation of tempting in Spanish:


tentador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛm(p)tɪŋ//ˈtɛm(p)tɪŋ/


  • 1

    (offer) tentador
    (offer) atractivo
    (cake/dish) tentador
    (dish/cake) apetecible
    it is tempting to speculate on what might have happened la idea de especular sobre lo que podría haber pasado es tentadora
    • These must have been tempting offers, but he turned them down.
    • The macaroni underneath is OK but certainly nowhere as delicious as the tempting topping.
    • Stallholders offer us tempting nibbles as we pass by.
    • The website even offers a few tempting recipes.
    • A tempting offer is on for avid book collectors.
    • Apple pie is just one of many tempting treats on offer.
    • The menus offered a tempting feast of gourmet food.
    • He was getting all sorts of tempting offers for a copy of the tape.
    • Staff can now offer a tempting range of products from well-known names.
    • The restaurant offered a variety of tempting dishes, including a number of vegetarian options.
    • Many schools are not providing tempting but healthy alternatives to junk food.
    • Some people are more tempting targets for mosquitoes than others.
    • It sounds too good to be true but this is the tempting prize on offer.
    • They are running a couple of very tempting offers for all new clients.
    • You can choose any alternative from the tempting soup list.
    • He had such a tempting, forbidden appeal to him!
    • The cuisine is excellent: delicious island food, together with the most tempting snacks.
    • Crisp and crunchy Coconut Fried Shrimp makes a tempting appetizer.
    • I expected to be offered a tempting plate of delicious morsels.
    • Over forty market stalls will display a tempting selection of delicious seafood.