Translation of tenant in Spanish:


inquilino, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛnənt//ˈtɛnənt/


  • 1

    inquilino masculine
    inquilina feminine
    arrendatario masculine
    arrendataria feminine
    • The tenants are able to rent the property at a discounted rate.
    • Do budget for periods between lettings, when you won't have any tenants and no rent coming in.
    • Where a lease expires, the tenant will pay rent under the existing lease until the new lease is in place.
    • Apartment rents for tenants will continue to rise.
    • In some parts there are basically too many landlords chasing too few tenants, which is pushing down rents.
    • The oversupply of rental property has resulted in landlords cutting rents to attract tenants.
    • She was an ideal tenant who paid the rent on time.
    • My front neighbours have moved out and the landlord is interviewing prospective tenants.
    • The current system protects tenants against unfair rent increases.
    • The homes were rented out to new tenants.
    • You can sell your property, or find tenants to rent it.
    • A landlord cannot refuse demands from disabled tenants to adapt rented accommodation.
    • Almost a tenth of all houses are occupied by tenants renting from private landlords.
    • My job is to win new business and match properties with tenants.
    • The landlord prepared the land and then the tenant moved in.
    • I live in an old dilapidated building that has poor tenants and relatively cheap rents.
    • Rather than deal with the hassle of finding tenants and collecting the rent, I had appointed an agent to do the dirty work.
    • These properties could be rented to tenants.
    • The cars are the property of tenants of the new housing estate.
    • He collected several months' rent in advance from tenants.
  • 2also tenant farmer

    arrendatario masculine
    arrendataria feminine