Translation of tendency in Spanish:


tendencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛndənsi//ˈtɛnd(ə)nsi/


  • 1

    tendencia feminine
    Medicine propensión feminine
    Medicine tendencia feminine
    tendency to + inf tendencia a + inf
    • he has a tendency to put on weight tiene tendencia / propensión a engordar
    • the tendency for sons to imitate their fathers la tendencia a que los hijos sigan los pasos de sus padres
    • tendency toward sth tendencia hacia algo
    • A dreary trait of actors is their tendency to gush about the great privilege it was to work with each other.
    • I have a bad tendency to move on to the new cool project and leave other projects behind.
    • Life has an inherent tendency to be novel and spontaneously creative.
    • His tendency to spend was a problem from the start.
    • We are a country with very real isolationist tendencies.
    • Research has shown that we have a tendency to eat more when it is darker.
    • My hair has a tendency to frizz up and stick out over my ears.
    • I have a tendency to scratch vigorously behind my right knee when distracted.
    • The human race has a pervasive tendency towards religious conviction.
    • Tendencies towards autocracy seem embedded in the country's political culture.
    • If we have to keep this going, we will have to control the tendency to burst out laughing.
    • Young children have a tendency to put just about anything in their mouths.
    • He has a tendency to be ruthless when he has tired of a girlfriend.
    • Our libertarian tendency supports the free flow of information.
    • He showed suicidal tendencies.
    • She does have a tendency to get involved if she sees a fight.
    • Heavy drinkers can show violent tendencies and personal relationships may suffer as a result.
    • He attacked the tendency for rights to outweigh citizens' sense of responsibility.
    • There was a growing tendency among city dwellers to install power showers instead of baths.
    • You are pessimistic and have a tendency to behave negatively.
  • 2tendencies plural

    artistic tendencies inclinaciones artísticas feminine
    • criminal tendencies tendencias delictivas