Translation of tendentious in Spanish:


tendencioso, adj.

Pronunciation /tɛnˈdɛnʃəs//tɛnˈdɛnʃəs/


  • 1

    • The book is tendentious and unconvincing but well-written.
    • The channel is dispensing a view of the world that is tendentious and intellectually idle.
    • This intensive and tendentious coverage made it obvious that some satellite channels were pursuing agendas of their own.
    • This is a tendentious, romanticised version of the history.
    • Some liberal arguments about the significance of this case seem tendentious and overblown.
    • The author's choice of this phrase was clearly tendentious.
    • The investigation was prejudiced and tendentious.
    • This is just sloppy tendentious journalism.
    • It is an effort not to understand but to use history to advance a tendentious agenda.
    • His realism could involve a fair amount of tendentious editing, glib generalisation and manipulation of the evidence.
    • The version is not itself a lie, but it is a relentlessly tendentious interpretation.
    • Government advertising campaigns should be objective and explanatory, not tendentious or party political.
    • The statistics quoted are highly selective and tendentious.
    • Some of his examples are tendentious but he is broadly right.
    • Some of his criticisms do seem a mite tendentious.
    • The scriptwriter must fashion this already tendentious material into watchable drama.
    • His use of evidence was tendentious and manipulative.
    • This argument mixes so many distortions, falsehoods and tendentious points that it's not easy to know where to start.
    • They make some good points, some misleading points, and a few rather tendentious points.
    • It is a highly tendentious, obviously partisan and unreliable document.