Translation of tendril in Spanish:


zarcillo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛndrəl//ˈtɛndrɪl/


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    zarcillo masculine
    • Thick green tendrils stretched themselves across the stone.
    • Wire wrapped around the ladder gives the vine tendrils plenty of places to twine around.
    • They look more like a confusing maze of roots and tendrils than a real tree.
    • The plant climbs by means of tendrils and is best grown in a composted soil supported by a fence or trellis.
    • The garden pea has leaf tendrils.
    • No sun shone past the thick canopy of tendrils and leaves.
    • Each plant had from two to four tendrils.
    • The ground has long, green tendrils growing from it.
    • The twining leaf tendrils will attach themselves to wires or other plants.
    • Provide some support and the tendrils will climb up to the sky.
    • Redvine tendrils begin growing out of the shoot straight, thin, and flexible.
    • These roses require support for their canes, as they do not have tendrils like vines to attach themselves.
    • They grow like dandelions, with long-spreading tendrils.
    • Grasping vines, like grape, climb by grasping their support with tendrils.
    • Watch the tendrils on the stems to judge ripeness.
    • Shoots were cut, divided into stems with broad leaves, tendrils, flowers, and fruits.
    • New tendrils and blossoms burst from buds on spring flowering plants.
    • She pulled several long willow tendrils from the tree's branches.
    • It will climb a suitable support by means of its red tendrils.
    • The plants produce an abundance of tendrils and can support themselves if planted about 1 inch apart.