Translation of tenet in Spanish:


principio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛnət//ˈtɛnɪt//ˈtiːnɛt/


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    principio masculine
    • One of the tenets of Christianity is forgiveness.
    • He was no stranger to the tenets of humanist educational theory.
    • Under the tenets of International Law they must surely qualify as war criminals.
    • One of the central tenets of this ideology is the inherent inferiority and weakness of women.
    • He outlines brilliantly the basic tenets of Conservatism.
    • The main tenets of his argument were radically opposed to current thinking at the time.
    • A central tenet of organic growing is the principle of feeding the soil, not the plant.
    • People raised in a religion tend to accept its tenets, often without independent examination.
    • They do not have books on Islam and its various teachings and tenets, which they could read and learn from.
    • She was deeply devoted to the tenets of her Christian faith.
    • We looked at the basic tenets that underlie the field of design.
    • The rule of law is one of the fundamental tenets of our democracy.
    • The best way to combat inflation is to stick to the basic tenets of sound investing.
    • No culture or religion can boast that its tenets are unique.
    • Curiously, he never engages with the central tenet of the thesis.
    • One of the most basic tenets of military strategy is never give up the high ground.
    • One can try to apply the tenets of one's belief system to one's life.
    • Either you respect the basic tenets of civilised society, or you face the consequences.
    • He reminded them of the basic tenets of biblical teaching.
    • Such discrimination violates central tenets of our liberal legal system, including the rule of law.