Translation of tension in Spanish:


tensión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛnʃən//ˈtɛnʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of situation)

      tensión feminine
      tirantez feminine
      the joke helped to relieve the tension el chiste ayudó a aflojar la tensión
      • Peden's work helps shed light on the apparent tension between artistic freedom and mathematical constraint.
      • In addition, his support for the growing claims of the clergy as professionals was in tension with his opposition to similar claims by physicians and lawyers.
      • There has often been tension between conflicting ideas about the scope of EU competence and the policy-making process.
      • There is a creative tension between Pagan ideas and more Christian ones.
      • The violent contest of battle causes war to be characterized by the constant tension between dialectically opposed ideas.
      • There's a growing tension between the idea of law as a professional service to the community and the idea of law as a business, and the business increasingly of government services.
      • But naturally, these considerations are almost always in tension with each other.
      • Herein lies the primary tension between the two conflicting and apparently contradictory trends regarding immigration throughout the west.
      • Consequently, in McCaig's view, there is always a tension between the demands of the marketplace and the will to remain authentic.
      • In both cases, the architecture and lights operate in tension with each other.
      • The tension between these two interrelated concepts has been dramatised most strongly in the Indian public sphere after independence.
      • The panorama of the world shows a conflict and a tension between polar opposite qualities, for which humans have always been the via medium.
      • This tension between image and interpretation was also at play in the early days of photography.
      • Here is the basic tension between the tradition of philosophy in the west, and the science of biology once the Great Chain of Being had been abandoned.
      • The tension between individual freedom and society was a popular theme in Dublin's literary revival, but in the North this topic had further implications.
      • There is a basic tension between the idea of the rule of law and other aspects of the Constitution which still reflect an alternative principle that the law must serve the party state.
      • It is also about the paradoxical tension between human freedom and divine providence.
      • From the outset there was tension between the demands for office space and the feelings of the families of those who died at the World Trade Center.
      • The tension between access and quality that exists in any healthcare system is aggravated when that system is seriously under-resourced.
      • These positions are in considerable tension with each other.

    • 1.2(felt by person)

      tensión feminine
      nervous tension tensión nerviosa
      • before noun tension headache dolor de cabeza producido por la tensión
      • Kids can sense emotional tension and shifts in mood and react accordingly.
      • It's a psychological mystery with little tension or emotion, other than confusion.
      • Many people today live lives of tension and stress.
      • Yoga reduces physical and mental tension and promotes recuperation.
      • We can say, then, that physical tension is emotional or mental tension stored in the physical body, in the muscles.
      • When the driver is in a state of mental tension, the situation is all the more serious.
      • It is said to help people with depression, stress, tension and high blood pressure and to also improve circulation.
      • Mental tension can lead to constipation in some individuals.
      • This will relieve much of the mental tension of students in getting to school on time and back.
      • ‘He is not a robot; he feels tension and emotion just like you or I,’ said Ferrari technical guru Ross Brawn at the time.
      • Mental tension and physical stress are not needed when you are vulnerable and sensitive to pressures of any kind.
      • Pain occurs in individual's experiencing anxiety, or emotional tension.
      • There is, understandably, a great deal of stress and tension and pressure.
      • Family obligations, too much debt, unrealistic expectations, all of it can cause tension and stress.
      • Motherwort is reputed to release tension caused by emotional and mental stress.
      • Doctors said that both women were suffering from tension and mental agony, but were physically fine.
      • Stress, particularly severe or prolonged emotional tension, may aggravate acne.
      • Youth of this area are regular victims of mental tension, unemployment, low self esteem and fear of failure in life.
      • Exercise improves posture, aids weight loss, increases flexibility and relieves emotional stress and tension.
      • You need to avoid mental tension and stress as they can manifest health problems.

    • 1.3(opposition)

      conflicto masculine
      • The water going down your plughole, the planets going around the sun, the electrons spinning around a nucleus, they all reflect the same dynamic tension between opposing forces.
      • An answer was provided by inflation: the idea that the universe was born in a state of tension, forcing it to expand enormously fast.
      • Controlling the oil in the crankcase significantly reduces ring tension to unlock even more power by minimizing friction.

  • 2

    tensión feminine
    (in sewing, knitting) tensión feminine
    • In string theory, as in guitar playing, the string must be stretched under tension in order to become excited.
    • He examined strings made of the same material, having the same thickness, and under the same tension, but of different lengths.
    • The competing forces of gravity at the lower end and outward centripetal acceleration at the farther end keep the cable under tension.
    • The stretchy film is held in place by its own tension and provides 360 degree coverage for hundreds of different bottle shapes and sizes.
    • They can recognise their own capabilities in it - someone adjusting the tension of their knitting is intuitively doing what I do when I adjust the difference between lines.
    • I then dial in the cable tension so it lets the chain drop easily to the inner ring and not rub on the cage when on the largest cog.
    • Uneven stitches usually indicate the tension is out of balance.
    • Observe the stitch, adjusting the tension until the stitch is formed correctly.
    • Thread should unwind from the spool and enter the first tension guide on the machine without kinking, twisting or puddling.
    • The only adjustable tension for the chain stitch is the needle tension.
    • Test on fabric scraps for the best tension and stitch length.
    • When the continental crust stretches beyond its limits, tension cracks begin to appear on the Earth's surface.
    • To prevent breakage, tension problems or machine malfunction, use high-quality thread.
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    tensión feminine
    high/low tension alta/baja tensión
    • It's the electromagnetic tension field, not the power that stand for the interdimensional interaction.
    • Tsagas found that the magnetic tension in bent magnetic field lines tends to flatten the surrounding space.
    • Researchers believe this tension results in stripes that are stable under magnetic fields of a certain strength.