Translation of tent in Spanish:


tienda (de campaña), n.

Pronunciation /tɛnt//tɛnt/


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    tienda (de campaña) feminine
    carpa feminine Latin America
    tolda feminine Colombia
    • Some of the families here stay inside the mosque, but the rest are camped out in tents that provide little shelter from the winter wind that blows across the university.
    • To her horror, it was already on fire and she worried about the huge wooden poles that supported the enormous tent.
    • Some evacuees were accommodated in 15 temporary shelters in schools and canteens, but many people still had to shelter in tents.
    • A boy about twelve years old knocked on the front supporting pole of the tent.
    • Behind them hundreds of canvas tents stretch into the flat spaces of the desert.
    • Before them lay row upon row of tents, pavilions, shelters, barracks and all other contrivable form of shelter.
    • At one time, the nomadic Kazaks lived in yurts, cone-shaped tents of white felt stretched over a framework of wooden poles.
    • Television footage showed metal posts that held the tent still in the ground.
    • He snatched his big horse's rope bridle from a post underneath the tent's shelter and stalked off.
    • The trip itself took about three days, but they had to sleep on the ground in their tents and sleeping bags every night.
    • A hundred American soldiers pitched tents on the legation grounds to be ready for any contingency.
    • The temperature has been dropping and locals fear that this winter may prove particularly harsh, especially for those sheltering in tents.
    • About two years ago I was running an extremely successful school for the blind out of a tent at a camp ground.
    • They will stay in tents on camp sites each night and are hoping to complete the journey in eight days.
    • Still, the wind snapped one of my tent's poles and it's oddly misshapen at first light.
    • Once again bears had been at the depot, and the tent, poles, groundsheets, cooking pot, and primus were all missing.
    • These refugees literally ‘camped out’ in tents on the grounds of the Embassy for up to three months.
    • Some 500 homeless victims of the quake were being housed in relief tents and others were sheltering from the freezing cold winds in buses.
    • But within the clearing were dozens of tents and small shelters.
    • Sheltered under a huge tent, more than 1 000 people converged to celebrate the heritage and rich history of Alexandra.