Translation of term in Spanish:


término, n.

Pronunciation /tərm//təːm/


  • 1

    término masculine
    technical/legal/financial terms términos técnicos/legales/financieros
    • a term of abuse un insulto
    • a term of endearment un apelativo cariñoso
    • we only discussed it in general terms solo lo discutimos en términos generales
    • he described it in graphic terms lo describió en forma muy gráfica
    • he speaks about her in glowing terms la pone por las nubes
    • in simple terms en lenguaje sencillo
    • they protested in the strongest possible terms protestaron en forma sumamente enérgica
    • It is significant that the term entered the language at a time of ineffective monarchical rule, in the mid-fifteenth century.
    • Every barbarian language had an equivalent term, and all of them were based on a derivative of that language's word for fury.
    • What does it tell us about Hawaiian culture that the language has many such terms for bananas?
    • In this study we evaluated general practitioners' knowledge of terms commonly used to describe a test's accuracy.
    • Workers also have been taught key terms and phrases in three languages, Croatian, Turkish and English.
    • But some of the older topics are now passé, and language, terms, and topics shift and adapt.
    • Instead, they made many extremely alarming claims that used synonymous language and terms.
    • Table 1 is a glossary of terms used to describe the mechanical properties of steels.
    • The first section provides a list of definitions for terms and phrases relevant to the group purchasing process.
    • It is especially difficult for people whose mother tongues lack the terms in which key concepts can be expressed.
    • The word ‘Semite’ originated as a term to describe a group of languages.
    • In official language, this occurs through the use of technical terms - acronyms and jargon.
    • It turns out to be a technical term in the study of logic and describes a specific type of logical fallacy, a form of circular reasoning.
    • So, to begin with, I turn to the necessary defining of the terms and concepts to be discussed.
    • The phrase is now a term of endearment for a child who has done something sweet.
    • This is why we started publishing the Glossary of basic scientific terms and concepts.
    • These efforts are called Christology, which is the term used to describe the study of the person and work of Christ.
    • By the way, why in a democracy is the word liberal a term of abuse?
    • The term semantics is a recent addition to the English language.
    • You will appreciate that I spend much of my time reading the newspapers in order to turn up neologisms and other interesting terms.
  • 2

    • 2.1(period)

      período masculine
      periodo masculine
      a five-year term un período / periodo de cinco años
      • the President's first term in office el primer mandato del presidente
      • he was condemned to a long term of imprisonment lo condenaron a muchos años de prisión
      • He made French an official language during his first term.
      • The term of office is for four years, with a possible extension of two years.
      • The president is obviously at an unpopular moment in his term in office.
      • The president's woes began virtually the moment he took the oath of office for a second term.
      • I have actually served a term of imprisonment in Britain under such a law, and Americans may find my experiences instructive.
      • And the same may be true for the young men willing to risk lengthy prison terms to sell it on the streets of America's cities.
      • Another significant section of the overturned clauses dealt with a fixed term of office for the Chief Prosecutor.
      • Jail term or life imprisonment or community work cannot substitute as they are not equals.
      • We can only brace ourselves for the rest of his four year term in office.
      • The elected council members are set to begin their four-year term of office on Dec.31.
      • Just days into his first term in office, he already recognized that the roles of senator and psychologist are similar.
      • I am currently the comptroller for Baltimore, serving my second term in office.
      • Some argue that having a limit on presidential terms makes the country less democratic.
      • Sources close to him say he is now talking in terms of what he could achieve in a third term of office.
      • Such recess appointments, though rare, allow a federal judge to serve a limited term.
      • The president appears to have ditched his initial plan to lay out his domestic policy proposals for a second term.
      • In his second term as senator he became the acknowledged spokesman for the Southern point of view.
      • There the Leadership is elected and its term of office is two years.
      • However, now they have to illustrate what they plan to do in the next four years, the term of their office.
      • That is because the members of the Council are appointed for fixed terms.

    • 2.2(in school, university)

      trimestre masculine
      the fall / (British) autumn/spring/summer term el primer/segundo/tercer trimestre
      • during term en la época de clases
      • out of term durante las vacaciones
      • The third bedroom had been empty since its occupant left university earlier in the term.
      • I didn't honestly think this was going to happen in my first term at the best university in Canada.
      • Prior to 1997, subsidy distribution was based on enrollments for the summer and fall terms.
      • For a lot of faculty members, in short, the end of a term is no vacation, but a mad scramble for survival.
      • Not to mention that my university term ended a week or two early and all students in uni accommodation were forced to leave so that it could be rented out for that month.
      • During the college term, students are encouraged to rent accommodation in the approved student village.
      • Around 300,000 young people are finishing their first term at university in the UK.
      • Student loans were also vital for funding me during the copious breaks in the student term.
      • Will student-athletes be able to become athletically eligible for spring semester during January term?
      • Two terms of elective subjects follow in which students may select from a wide variety of courses.
      • A campaign has freed her family to allow her children to complete their school terms, but they are to be deported on July 26.
      • Across all universities, shorter terms had a notably positive effect on enlistment propensity.
      • Students heading back to start their new term at university are being given handy reminders of the warning signs of meningitis.
      • My son has just started his first term at university reading history and politics.
      • With the new term drawing near, university students are returning to the campus from their summer vacation and some don't like what they find.
      • He also worked part time tutoring during the university term.
      • The end of the university term always ushers in the year-end student show.
      • Your presentation grade will constitute one-eighth of the term's grade.
      • He had decided to stay in the US for Christmas rather than return home when the university term ended on December 9.
      • The year would be split into six rather than three terms, with two before Christmas and none longer than 38 days.

    • 2.3(to due date)

      plazo masculine
      the term of the loan/contract expired venció el plazo del préstamo/contrato
      • the baby was born at (full) term fue un embarazo a término
      • before noun term insurance seguro temporal
      • term loan préstamo a plazos

  • 3

    Philosophy Mathematics
    término masculine
    • You might like to use a computer to approximate these functions by plotting the first few terms in each series.
    • This uses a technique known as the integral test which compares the graph of a function with the terms of the series.
    • Every simple proposition contains two terms, predicate and subject.
    • In this case we compare terms in the series with the area under the graph of the function.
    • As you go farther and farther to the right in this sequence, the ratio of a term to the one before it will get closer and closer to the Golden Ratio.
    • There is no king of France at present; the subject term fails to refer to anything.
    • The sequence of denominators of terms in the Farey series is palindromic.
    • A geometric series is defined as having a constant ratio between consecutive terms.
  • 4terms plural

    • 4.1(conditions)

      condiciones feminine
      the terms of the contract/agreement las condiciones / los términos del contrato/acuerdo
      • terms of sale condiciones de venta
      • we will only return to work on our terms volveremos al trabajo solo si aceptan nuestras condiciones
      • we offer easy terms ofrecemos facilidades de pago
      • name your terms ¿cuáles son sus condiciones?
      • to make terms/come to terms with sb ponerse de acuerdo/llegar a un acuerdo con algn
      • Efforts to bring the two warring parties back to the negotiating table have stalled as both sides insist on their own terms.
      • I'll meet with the family who had asked to meet with him on a number of occasions, and he should have done it on their terms.
      • Traders said rather than being encouraged to stay, they were being offered favourable terms to leave.
      • But he was not prepared to commit to any decisions of policy, or reach any terms of agreement with the British Premier.
      • True, it might mean higher taxes and less disposable income for those who'd rather pursue their children's interests on their own terms.
      • Did the record-company people have designs for you, or were they ready to hear you on your own terms?
      • Once the barrier is broken, however, I think all that falls away and a woman of either party can run on her own terms.
      • But being able to make compromises on your own terms means you can live with them.
      • Similar arguments apply with regard to the terms of the agreement.
      • The terms of her parole limit her to working no more than 48 hours a week at her offices and she will have to wear an electronic tagging bracelet.
      • But most of us still manage to work things out on our own terms.
      • The main issues in the contract dispute are wages, harassment language and the term of the agreement.
      • Personal-fitness devices are letting people serve as their own coaches and work out on their own terms.

    • 4.2(sense)

      in financial/social/political terms desde el punto de vista financiero/social/político
      • in real terms en términos reales

transitive verb

  • 1

    calificar de
    she termed it a total failure lo calificó de fracaso total
    • it's what's often termed a multi-disciplinary approach es lo que se da en llamar un enfoque multidisciplinario