Translation of terminus in Spanish:


terminal, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtəːmɪnəs//ˈtərmənəs/

nounPlural termini

  • 1

    (of buses) terminal feminine
    (of buses) terminal masculine Chile
    (of trains) estación terminal feminine
    this is the terminus este es el final del recorrido
    • Moreover, what building could better symbolise Britain's territorial expansion in the industrial age than the world's first purpose-built railway terminus?
    • Imagine this - a service that has large parking lots at its terminus stations, clean trains, and decent reliability.
    • The virus has spread from airports and railway terminuses to the major cities now.
    • To appreciate the usefulness of the atlas, the reader needs to follow particular railroad routes between important termini.
    • On Monday, the first day of full commercial operation, we went looking for the southern terminus of the sleek new Hiawatha light-rail line.
    • Mr Fee said the road was being planned with ‘utter indifference’ to where or when a major rail terminus along its route might lie.
    • The great Victorian railway termini of London give rise to lines that snake out across the city atop stolid red-brick viaducts.
    • The metro central terminus is planned to be located close to the City Railway Station.
    • We are building a new toilet block at the western end of the bus terminus.
    • This station is an attempt to resemble a London railway terminus, complete with the see-through roof and the space.
    • The covered part of what was the railway terminus has become the waiting lounge, it is decked out like an airport departure lounge, well I suppose really it is.
    • The visibility of such people in London railway termini or at suburban stations made them very noticeable to contemporaries.
    • At one time his father had a pub and grocery business, situated near a large Dublin railway terminus.
    • And resurfacing is also in progress on the old bus station site which is to become a car park to replace the spaces taken up by the new terminus.
    • They target busy areas such as bus terminuses, shopping complexes, government hospitals and those close to the Collectorate.
    • The station had opened as both a through and a terminus stations.
    • When we got to this terminus station, our train remained on the right-side track.
    • The rails will be a permanent reminder of the heyday of the station as a thriving terminus.
    • The plan will also incorporate the relocation of the college and its link with a new bus terminus with Keighley station.
    • The final block has a taxi rank, a bus terminus, hawkers' stalls and space for retailers and wholesalers.