Translation of termite in Spanish:


termita, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtərˌmaɪt//ˈtəːmʌɪt/


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    termita feminine
    • Dwarf mongooses mainly feed on insects like termites, locusts, beetles, grubs, larvae and spiders.
    • Some termites feed on the wood timber of houses, posing a danger as a roof or ceiling can collapse from the impact of their feeding.
    • This is applicable especially, but not exclusively, to so-called social insects such as bees, wasps, ants and termites.
    • However she found only a few trees infested with living colonies of the termite.
    • Osbrink collected termites from four different colonies and placed them in glass tubes.
    • Too, they can mean that your home is attractive to wood boring insects like termites.
    • In South America, anteaters evolved long sticky tongues that enable them to feed on ants and termites.
    • Technicians use fiber optics to pinpoint exactly where the termites are living within the wood.
    • An adult anteater can eat as many as 30,000 ants or termites in a single day
    • Somewhere in a rainforest, inside a rotting log, lives a colony of termites.
    • But when it comes to creating a permanent home for the colony, termites are the champion.
    • Many of the structures associated with feeding are modified for feeding on ants and termites underground.
    • This treatment helps wood resist attacks by termites and decay-causing fungi.
    • Although a native termite colony might occasionally infest a tree, it's almost invariably a dead one, Messenger says.
    • The African termite lives in tall mounds so strong that humans use dynamite to remove them when they are in the way.
    • This clever housing arrangement is also guarded by soldier termites that protect the mound from invading ants.
    • This encourages other bacteria to take hold, then termites discover the soft wood, further adding to the damage.
    • On my way there I turned over a board and found a termite colony with a few big soldiers in with the rank and file.
    • He also wanted to clarify the allowances for using pesticides to save homes from such pests such as carpenter ants and termites.
    • I found a colony of small white termites eating up the underside of a board.