Translation of terrier in Spanish:


terrier, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛrɪə//ˈtɛriər/


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    terrier feminine
    • The Airedale terrier found in the cathedral grounds of Dunkeld greets visitors with a wet muzzle.
    • In addition, there was a show of the Ullswater foxhounds and an open foxhound show; a show of various breeds of terriers along with gun dogs and children's pets.
    • A native of Tullamore, she has been showing Airedale terriers for the last six years.
    • We have two dogs: one is a terrier, a breed noted for their rat-hating, but in the absence of rats they take on mice - or possums.
    • In addition, Airedales can be aggressive toward other dogs and small animals, a trait not unheard of in terriers.
    • The date is also traditionally the first day of hunting meets and foxhounds, lurchers, greyhounds, beagles, minkhounds, terriers and other hunting dogs will all be taken along to Higham.
    • Honey is a young golden mixed breed terrier, who likes cats, and is full of fun and playful.
    • We had all sorts of dogs from terriers to spaniels and even a French basset hound.
    • Maria longed for a larger, less isolated life that included people and domesticated animals, fat curly terriers or blue-eyed huskies.
    • Remember that this breed was originally used as a working terrier and was bred to hunt badgers, rabbits and foxes.
    • What is also interesting with the dogs is that farm dogs like collies came out well ahead in the cleverness stakes than other working dogs like retrievers and terriers, with the toy breeds trailing behind.
    • Both the Clydesdale and the Paisley terrier eventually became extinct, but not before they had contributed to the development of the Yorkie.
    • Ronnie enjoys the country life and while his girlfriend of 15 years, Fiona, spends all her time with the horses, he is content with his two terriers and other animals.
    • Sunday's show has a series of classes for both foxhounds and terriers, although the competition is only open to animals belonging to the hunt.
    • Reggie's ancestors - the first terriers - were bred for seek-and-destroy missions in the fox dens and badger holes surrounding the farms of their native Scotland.
    • If you own a terrier - any breed or size - you can take it to Kelso to compete for what I am assured will be generous cash prizes.
    • In 1824 dogs used by farmers for shepherding were greyhounds, hounds, pointers, spaniels, lurchers and terriers all of which were exempted from the dog tax if the value of the farm was less than £190 per year.
    • The dogs ranged in ages and breeds and included everything from new-born pups to malnourished, mange-ridden and ulcerated German shepherds to terriers to poms.
    • Those days in Ireland there were few breeds to choose from and the greyhound, Irish red setter, terrier and sheep dog were about as far as it went.
    • Nearly every show in Cumbria has classes for foxhounds and terriers which shows the importance that hunting holds in the agricultural and village communities.