Translation of territorial waters in Spanish:

territorial waters

aguas territoriales, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    (to 12 mile limit) aguas territoriales feminine
    (to 12 mile limit) aguas jurisdiccionales feminine
    (to 12 mile limit) mar territorial masculine
    (to 12 mile limit) mar jurisdiccional masculine
    (to 200 mile limit) mar patrimonial masculine
    • The vice regal yacht has now moved into Australian territorial waters.
    • Pilots also carry out surveillance and fisheries protection in the country's 132,000 square nautical miles of territorial waters, mostly in the Atlantic.
    • A naval squadron was formed in 1975 to protect the country's territorial waters and marine economic zone.
    • Its parliament passed a resolution in 1999 to resume hunting, saying the country had the right to use all marine resources within its territorial waters.
    • He said the move had become necessary in the light of 1998 legislation in which the islands' territorial waters had been extended by 22 km around the atoll.
    • In December 2000, they also signed a sea-border agreement demarcating territorial waters and exclusive economic zones.
    • What the coastal state cannot do is to close its territorial waters to foreign ships in innocent passage, even where their cargo presents a significant environmental risk, as in the case of oil tankers.
    • Beyond territorial waters, there are no laws, no police and no jurisdiction.
    • Applying the above principles to the Jonathan Swift, it can only infringe when it is within our territorial waters.
    • The country already has in place agreements with Nigeria on the sharing of revenue from a field straddling the territorial waters of the two countries.
    • At the time British territorial waters stretched only three miles from the coast and Sealand, although built by the British, was a clear seven miles offshore.
    • It is important at this time to draw up regulations regarding specifying territorial waters, the number of vessels that can be anchored, and zones for usage.
    • ‘If it takes place in territorial waters, it is the responsibility of the nations involved,’ he said.
    • Although the wreck lies within Irish territorial waters, if a painting by Monet was to be found it could become the subject of an ownership claim by the National Gallery in London.
    • The Solway Harvester sank in the Irish Sea within the territorial waters of the Isle of Man on January 11.
    • Responsibility in providing an emergency response to maritime casualty accidents within Irish territorial waters lies with the Irish Coastguard.
    • Jill Pettis said that fish do not know whether they are swimming into international waters or territorial waters.
    • Mbagne acquired greater significance with the discovery of huge oil reserves in its territorial waters.
    • The government has requested the captain of the vessel to leave our territorial waters and has indicated to him that it will provide every assistance to him in that regard.
    • Dsto-developed technology has been selected above several other international contenders to survey and chart US territorial waters.