Translation of terror in Spanish:


terror, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛrə//ˈtɛrər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(fear)

      terror masculine
      they fled in terror huyeron aterrorizados / despavoridos
      • to rule by terror gobernar sembrando el terror
      • terror of the unknown terror a lo desconocido
      • her terror of her father el terror que le tenía a su padre
      • he lives in terror of being found out vive aterrorizado ante la posibilidad de que lo descubran
      • to go in terror of one's life temer por su (or mi etc.) vida
      • the (Reign of) Terror el (Régimen del) Terror
      • She flies inside in terror, trembling all over, and that day decides to put back the curtain.
      • Witnesses described seeing office staff fleeing in terror from the scene when the siege began at 10 am.
      • We are told that rural communities live in terror of crime and it might be true.
      • He was utterly exhausted, and the terror of the last few hours had finally caught up with him.
      • Fearing a curse, the townspeople fled in terror as soon as the weather broke.
      • Each time I turned in terror to look back I nearly jumped out of my skin anticipating what I might see.
      • No longer in control of his own body, facing mortality, he had plenty of reason for terror.
      • In fact, it's surprising how little you notice when you've got your eyes firmly shut and you're screaming in terror.
      • He awoke in terror, thinking he was in a tunnel that had collapsed.
      • Sharing the terror of a close call and then the euphoria of survival is an experience that binds for a lifetime.
      • For months, he lived in terror of the secret police knocking at his door.
      • The humiliation of not being able to swim was bad, of course - but the terror of taking my feet off the bottom was far, far worse.
      • A lorry driver who got out of his cab to remonstrate with a motorist fled in terror when the man produced a gun, a court heard.
      • I have lived those years both in dread of attending the party and in terror of missing it.
      • All I can say to the boys is that our obligation lies in helping others, in grieving, and in refusing to live in terror.
      • Every single day and night we had to sit in terror of the next bomb, the next plane, the next explosion.
      • A victim of nuisance youths has described how he waits in terror for what they will do next.
      • The original house was built on an ancient graveyard and its last owner is rumoured to have fled in terror at the ghostly goings on.
      • Suddenly Vanga asked whether there was someone else in the room and I froze in terror.
      • Arsonists torched a town-centre bar, causing residents in nearby houses to flee in terror.

    • 1.2(frightening person, thing)

      the terrors of war los horrores de la guerra
      • she was the terror of her subordinates tenía aterrorizados a sus subalternos

  • 2informal

    (difficult person)
    that kid is a little terror ese niño es un diablillo informal
    • he must be a terror to work for tiene que ser terrible tenerlo como jefe
    • she's a terror for cleanliness es una maniática de la limpieza
    • Colin and I were from totally different upbringings but we really clicked and we were both just little terrors.
    • They are the touchline terrors whose aggression and foul language is matched only by the players on the pitch.
    • Parents will also be sent home with a relaxation tape to help them unwind after a stressful day with their teenage terrors.
    • If you believe children should be seen and not heard, it may be best to avoid visiting during the school holidays - when tiny terrors abound.
    • The three Mexican terrors know and respect the Belfast man, who lives and trains in the boxing crossroads of Las Vegas.
    • When everyone was done, and the two little terrors had both used the rest room, we went back to the RV and set off again.
    • Thankfully, my own little terrors decided to play fair on New Year's Day and let me have a bit of a lie-in until 8.45 am.
    • As a public service, here are some bright ideas to keep those tiny tot terrors away.