Translation of Tertiary in Spanish:



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    the Tertiary el Terciario

Translation of tertiary in Spanish:


terciario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtərʃəri//ˈtərʃiˌɛri//ˈtəːʃ(ə)ri/


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    (industry/sector) terciario
    • More importantly, the establishment of a large and successful tertiary market within Australia has drawn private players keen to participate.
    • They are operating at the level of secondary or tertiary prevention, or early and late intervention of individual chronic drug users.
    • Yet the poor still resort to the public services for more of their secondary and tertiary level care than do the better off.
    • Self-defense training and kata can prepare us to respond to this secondary level attack, preventing the escalation to a tertiary level of confrontation.
    • The vocal harmonies have been completely phased out, and to some extent, the vocals themselves are of tertiary importance outside of a simple rhythmic device.
    • Inflation benefits the government that controls it, not only at the expense of the population at large, but also at the expense of all secondary and tertiary governments.
    • When primary methods of removal fail, move on to secondary or tertiary techniques for bringing marginal oil and gas out of the ground.
    • The management of childhood cataract is far more complex than age related cataract and needs well trained teams at the tertiary level and long term follow up.
    • Croydon Council's road gritters were out in force ensuring all of Croydon's main roads and the majority of secondary and tertiary routes were gritted.
    • The extension of the current plant will include the installation of primary, secondary and tertiary crushing, two stages of primary screening and a ball milling process.
    • The generation born in the 1970s are more independent than any generation in the past, with a higher level of tertiary education and often working in part time jobs from teenage years onwards.
    • The primary goal is the only one needed to complete each mission, although obtaining secondary and tertiary goals will improve your score and rank.
    • If operated in conjunction with a coppiced willow tertiary treatment system, this would remove the need to dump sewage sludge into Tramore Bay.
    • Expansion segments seem to be subject to some selective pressure that maintains their particular structure, at both the secondary and the tertiary levels.
    • Finally, it shows the undesirability, in some cases, of placing in primary legislation issues that should more appropriately be found in secondary or tertiary legislation.
    • The Mediterranean theater has long been a theater of tertiary importance to the legion of historians writing about World War II.
    • The effects of the syphilis spirochaete are unique: when the disease reaches its tertiary stage, patients often experience remarkable psychological changes.
    • There is a strong echo of elegance, but the tertiary flavours of nut and oxidised or Madeira-like notes are now coming to the foreground.
    • At that stage, the bonsai will have filled out (with tertiary branches) and there'll be moss on the trunk and roots.
    • The minister also announced that funding from the national department to tertiary level services has doubled from R62m to R124m this financial year.
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    (of education)
    tertiary education educación superior / de nivel terciario feminine
    • In response to the need to improve access to tertiary education, universities are increasingly implementing online delivery solutions.
    • In 2001 only 26,9 percent of the residents of the nine cities had matriculated and only 11,9 percent had any form of tertiary education.
    • The fund aims to provide financial assistance to deserving but cash-strapped students, willing to pursue tertiary education in the fields of science and technology.
    • Spiraling tuition fees make tertiary education - the great doorway to opportunity - increasingly inaccessible to those on the bottom of the heap.
    • Universities are respected in the community and they continue to be the preferred destination for an overwhelming majority of students going on to tertiary education.
    • There is cheaper and more affordable tertiary education for students.
    • We've had the relentless drive to increase the numbers in tertiary education, irrespective of the ability of students or universities to cope.
    • On completion of her tertiary education, she found employment in administrative posts and in public relations.
    • For a variety of reasons its scholars were expected to attain honours and then move into tertiary education.
    • She is involved with primary and tertiary education and the preservation of Gaelic culture and language.
    • The UK has the ‘Open University’, the South Pacific uses satellite broadcasting for tertiary education
    • Physicians and some nurses are educated at universities, and tertiary education is expensive.
    • Pressure built up to invest more in tertiary education so that they could occupy themselves in more advanced courses which might lead to better jobs.
    • One goal should be to make a university, or indeed a tertiary education sector, one in which nobody faces any financial barriers to enrolment.
    • He also stated that the focus in tertiary education should shift from universities towards more technical qualifications.
    • She regularly conducts workshops on fundraising for students for their tertiary education.
    • For tertiary and post-graduate education however, reputation can still play a major role in how these qualifications are viewed by potential employers.
    • One recurring theme in the debate over the adequacy of journalism education is whether tertiary graduates have the skills necessary to find work with the limited number of employers.
    • The scholarship also involves tertiary study through the University of Queensland.
    • He won scholarships first to Eton and then Cambridge, interspersing his tertiary education with journeys to China, Greece and Turkey.
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